2020 Mood Board: Babs Tries to Cheer You up

During the 1918 Pandemic, 'Mask Slackers' Were Labeled as Unpatriotic - HISTORY

Sometimes life is just garbage.

Here are three pieces of media that brought me joy during the first 263 days of this dumb, hellish, seemingly decade-long year.

Just postin’ ’em here in the hope that you find similar contentment (and maybe catharsis?) during the remaining hundred three days. <3


1. This Stylish Guy

David Lynch started uploading daily weather reports to his YouTube channel when the pandemic began (gotta keep busy somehow). It was a revival of a tradition he began in the early 2000s.

In each video, this i d o l    o f     f i l m      p p l      e v e r y w h e r e logs the date, temperature, and his stray thoughts, from a bunker inside his Los Angeles mansion. Until recently, most entries ended with a promise of “blue skies and golden sunshine all along the way.”

Everything changed when the woods near his house burst into flames.

2. This Moody Bear

This Russian adaptation of Winnie-the-Pooh (“Vinni-Pukh”) got me through March. And April. And most of May too, if I’m honest. How? Idk. Just really vibin’ with the color palette and art style, I guess.

First released in the Soviet Union in three parts between 1969 and 1972, Vinni-Pukh remains a beloved children’s cartoon in the Russian-speaking world.

3. This Hopeful Song


Tomorrow is a highway broad and fair,
And we are the many who’ll travel there.
Tomorrow is a highway broad and fair,
And we are the workers who’ll build it there;
And we will build it there.
Come, let us build a way for all mankind,
A way to leave this evil year behind,
To travel onward to a better year
Where love is, and there will be no fear,
Where love is and no fear.

Now is the shadowed year when evil men,
When men of evil thunder war again.
Shall tyrants once again be free to tread,
Above our most brave and honored dead?
Our brave and honored dead.

O, comrades, come and travel on with me,
We’ll go to our new year of liberty.
Come, walk upright, along the people’s way,
From darkness, unto the people’s day.
From dark, to sunlit day.
Tomorrow is a highway broad and fair
And hate and greed shall never travel there
But only they who’ve learned the peaceful way
Of brotherhood, to greet the coming day.
We hail the coming day.

Optimistic, naive, or both? Only time will tell. Either way, it still makes me happy.

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