The Definitive Ranking of Covers of Toto’s Africa

This is something you’ve always wanted to know, right? Right? Enlightenment under the cut. 

We’ll start off with the original. A classic bop. You can never go wrong with Toto’s Africa. Like does anyone actually dislike this song? It’s always a welcome addition to any party, and always lifts one’s spirits when it comes on the radio. It’ll be our baseline, with a 10/10, since it’s already amazing. All the subsequent songs will be rated based on how they stand up to the original, not based on their artistry or musical ability (which are pretty impressive for all, if I do say so myself). 


This is an interesting cover with a lot of depth, in a style that I’d never have thought to do Africa in. I feel like the artists know a whole lot more about this era of music than I do, and are definitely serving 50s vibes. Unfortunately, the whole track doesn’t have as much depth as the OG. 7/10, with bonus points for the guy absolutely JAMMING on the tambourine in the background. 


The level of impressiveness of this one does rely on the viewer’s knowledge of Minecraft. Although it may look simple to the untrained eye, this guy definitely sunk a WHOLE lot of hours into creating this cover of Africa. He had to individually set up each note and wire them all together. All that hard work earns this one an 11/10. 


This one is Africa in another unique style. The strings and banjo add some really nice vibes, but the real standout moment is when the singers start to break down the chorus in the middle. That being said, the song prior to that point doesn’t slap at the level of the original, so 6/10. 


My god. If covers of Africa were the expanding brain meme, this one would be at God Brain Level. This man is on an entirely different plane of existence from us mere mortals. I strive to reach his level one day. 15/10 for immaculate squash playing ability. 


Hardcore! The main guy in this video really gets into it. His jumping around and headbanging really capture what’s going on in my heart every time I hear Africa. That metal screaming can get pretty intense too! 9/10 


We end with, in some ways, the ultimate cover of Africa. Weezer’s cover of Africa is what actually prompted me to write this article. Every time I’ve heard it I’ve tried to figure out if it’s better or worse than the original. On one hand, it has a fantastic origin story involving a teenager creating a Twitter account with the sole purpose of convincing her favorite band to cover Africa. On the other, is it just a weaker version of the OG? I went back and forth, but finally I reached the conclusion that Weezer created a perfect twin to Toto’s Africa. A soul mate. A narrative foil. Therefore, there is only one rating it can receive: 10/10

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