Pi Running Out of Chai: The Aftermath

Chai tea my beloved

Last week, a disaster befell our good campus. Pi didn’t have any chai. Not for an hour, not for a day, but an entire week. People were distraught. Yik Yak was blowing up. Chai fortunately did return, but I believe this collective experience warrants contemplation on what this means for us and the future.

I was one of the many personally affected by this tragedy. On October 5th, I had been kept up the night prior by high school anxiety dreams and was absolutely exhausted. I’m not a coffee drinker, so to get me through the day, I went to Pi to get a chai. The line was well out the door, so I waited for 10 minutes before I saw the dreaded sign: “No Chai.” You know those days where everything seems to be going wrong and you’re just so pissed off? Yeah. It was one of those days. I nearly had a meltdown right there in line.

A legit real photo of the Pi line on the daily

As the week progressed, people got more and more distraught. How could they still be out?? Some resorted to coffee, some to yerb, some forgoing caffeine entirely. To those of you that reminded us that Usdan Cafe technically has chai, you were completely missing the point. We need out Pi chai.

The chai did finally return, to our relief. But we are still reeling from the disruption. Despite all the pain it caused, I believe this tragedy happend for a reason. This experience was a reminder of how much we love our chai. Maybe we weren’t showing it our appreciation enough before. Chai needs to know how much it is loved. This experience has taught us to be thankful for chai, and to not take it for granted. May we always hold chai in our hearts, and remember how much it means to us.


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