Social Media Stars at Wes: Lena Weiman


Lena Weiman (urboygarry) is a freshman at Wes, but behind the scenes, she’s also a well known Tiktoker with almost 800k followers. Her most viral videos are of her documenting the process of her shaving her head and painting dye into it. Fan favorite looks have included green-screen, cheetah print, Spongebob flowers, a tennis ball, and Aang’s arrow from Avatar the Last Airbender hair. 

When did you start making your famous videos? What was your first thing that blew up?

So it started during quarantine. I was bored out of my mind and I decided I was going to cut my hair. It was the bangs video that blew up. And it was fully bizarre. I was just like, ‘what the fuck is going on’? That’s what started it, and it just kind of took off from there.

What was the inspiration for the username “urboygarry”?

Okay this is the inside scoop forreal—my middle name is Garrison and my friends and I always joked around that I should go by Garry as a nickname so that is where that started. I started tiktok not thinking that anyone was going to see it I was like this is just for my friends fucking whatever. I did not, you know, think it was gonna be a thing like it is now. Then it was too late. It’s official!

What’s been your favorite hairstyle that you’ve done, or your favorite video to make?

I love the shaved head as a leg, but I also really liked the split dye when it was just bleached and black—that was very fun. But the Spongebob flowers that I had when I got to Wesleyan might have to be my favorite.

How has the experience of making videos changed since coming to Wesleyan? Has it been harder or has there been anything new to deal with?

I actually haven’t posted since I’ve gotten here. Most of what has gotten difficult is that I don’t have a good mirror set up to be able to actually do my hair, but this weekend I might be dyeing it again so we’ll see if a video comes up or not. I guess you could say It’s gonna a surprise. But, no, I have not successfully filmed a tiktok since I’ve gotten here.

Have you met any fans here/had any awkward interactions since being here at Wes?

Most of the interactions happened before I got here—it was a lot of people DMing me on instagram like “heyyy are you tiktok by any chance”? And I just say yeah and that’s kind of the end of the conversation. I’ve only had two people come up to me since I’ve gotten here and ask if I was on tiktok. Very awkward both times—just incredibly uncomfortable, cause I’m like yes but then I never know what to say so I’m just like “what’s your name”? (laughs) “nice to meet you”! It is very bizarre. But yeah, minimal recognition which I think is good, I’m okay with that. A Hannah Montana moment.

Would you consider any Wes themed content?

Ooh. I mean, I wouldn’t be against it. I don’t know, I guess we’ll see. Maybe a big Michael Roth portrait of the back of my head—little Voldemort situation going on. I’m so down, I love that.

Would you rather invite Rihanna or Beyonce to your birthday party?

I mean, it has to be Rihanna. They’re both great, but it has to be Rihanna just for like, I don’t know, the vibes. I feel like we would get along.

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