Parent’s Weekend Recap Checklist

These past few weeks have been jam-packed with activity, from Fall Break to Hallo/Parents Weekend. Although partying with your friends in costume and luxuriating in the extra sleep afforded by two days off from school may have been the highlights of your October, hosting your parents on campus was an emotional journey of its own. Here are ten events that inevitably took place along the way.

Wooo roll Cards!

1. You were awoken bright and early on Saturday morning by a surprise knock on your door. Your parents had arrived.

2. You took your family to Pi Cafe to get your morning chai. A great choice in theory but in reality led to your parents over-enthusiastically waving to every single person in Exley that they vaguely recognized from your Facetime calls.

3. You stood in the freezing rain with your view of the football field obscured by a group of dads reminiscing about the glory of their college years, where they did not, in fact, play football.

4. You posed for a damp photo shoot in front of Olin to send pictures to Grandma. You were then looped into a really long email chain of relatives– a lot of FW:FWs.

5. You sat in the back seat while your parents got into an argument over Google Maps directions in the front. You relished the fact that you are no longer twelve years old and do not have to regularly sit through this.

Accurate depiction of the tension.

6. Upon arriving at Target, you fill a cart full of microwave popcorn, toothpaste, candy, alcohol, and, of course, a twelve pack of ~pamplemousse~ La Croix. If your parents are paying, why not go all out?

So beautiful.

7. You met up with your friends and their families on Main Street, but without a dinner reservation ended up introducing your beloved visitors to the wonders of Usdan, pronounced “Oosdan” by the newcomers.

8. You parted ways with your family for the evening, to prepare your sexy vampire costume and join your friends to sweat your makeup off at Eclectic. You were then, of course, rudely awoken a second time by your parents the next morning.

9. You indulged in hungover Perk. Good stuff.

10. You finally said goodbye, weirdly sad that they were leaving but also too distracted by the impending due date of the paper left untouched for the entire weekend to be truly devastated by their departure. 

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