Procrastination Destination: Online XMAS SHOPPING!

Helloooooo folks and welcome to day THREE of Procrastination Destination!! To help you avoid starting your next essay, here are some online Christmas shopping ideas to check out. (If you don’t celebrate Christmas, just take this as a general Hannukkah/Kwanzaa/maybe future birthday etc. gift-giving guide).

I know it’s hard to feel the holiday cheer when you have three 10-page papers, a project, and two exams to finish by the end of the week, but maybe a quick break to look for stocking stuffers will make you feel better. There’s no time like the present, right? (Get it??? Present??) Anyway. Here are some of the random little things I’ve been thinking about for my family and friends, and I hope you enjoy looking through them as much as I do!

For Parents:

  • Mason Jar Herb/ Kit  – If they’re into cooking or gardening, this could be a super fun way to spice up the kitchen atmosphere (Spice up??? Right!!??) This is super specific but I feel like my mom would love it soooooo….
  • Wesleyan Mom/Dad stuff from RJ Julia!! – Super embarrassing but also funny?
  • A gift card to your favorite restaurant in Middletown – Next time they visit or next parents weekend, you could treat them to dinner!
  • Something handmade! – If you’re artistically inclined at all, this is a super easy way to avoid spending money. Write a card, draw one of your favorite memories with them, or whip out your kindergarten macaroni necklace skills. Maybe contrary to popular belief, I don’t think we’ll ever get so old that our parents don’t appreciate some good ol’ personalized arts and crafts.

For Friends and Siblings:

  • A drink/mixology kit – I’m actually planning to get this for my brother, who just turned 21 :)
  • A nice coffee cup/mug – Only putting this here because I just broke mine and would be so happy if somebody gave me a new one.
  • A playlist/mixtape – Again, super easy way to avoid spending money while simultaneously making the gift feel personal.
  • Room decor – Especially for college students, pretty much everybody likes some nice photos, posters, plants, or lights to put up in their space.
  • Customized clothing – Put a funny photo or inside joke on a sweatshirt or tank top so that the good memories live on!

There you go!! While you shop, I’d recommend listening to some James Taylor or Mariah Carey’s Christmas album to really enhance the experience and set the mood. Best of luck!

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