Our Great National Nightmare is Over: Pi Reopens Today

My dear students, the pain of the last week and a half is over. Pi is finally open for the semester.

Since the beginning of the spring semester, Pi Cafe has been closed because of COVID safety (because apparently attending 100 person lectures is #safe but going to get coffee or having an in person club meeting is the epitome of danger). This has led to a great malaise on campus. For over a week, there was nowhere to get coffee but Usdan and Red and Black. Even the Usdan cafe was closed!

Students couldn’t get their croissants before their 8:50s, or their lunch salads, or their mid afternoon iced coffees (no matter how cold it is outside). There were no Chai Chargers or Salty Ivans or matcha lattes. How we survived, I have no idea. I commend us all for our bravery in this trying time, and take comfort in the fact we can now rejoice.

Similarly to the Chai incident last semester, this time has reminded us how much we value Pi. So when you inevitably go 25 times this week, make sure to thank the baristas and appreciate every sip. Plus having another food place open will help mitigate the super spreader event that is Usdan every day at 12:15 :P.

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