WTF is Marriage Pact??

The day is finally here, and we all have one thing on our minds… is today the day that our Marriage Pact results come out? If you’ve managed to escape the wrath of your friends and yikyak users talking obsessively about it, here’s a little update. Mysterious matchmakers have designed a questionnaire and algorithm to match you with someone at your school. They serve 66 different campuses around the nation and according to their website, have made 109,189 matches and counting. Around the first week or so of returning from break, Wes students began talking about the form, and quickly over 1000 students have completed their Marriage Pact quiz, anxious to find out who their special match is.

Students were asked almost 50 questions, ranging from how comfortable they were with their partner partying to how they like to give and receive comfort. Some of the questions even got a little real – I know we all saw that question asking us to rank how kinky we were on a scale of 1-7. When the quiz was done, we all received an email stating that they’d be running the algorithm soon and gave some updates before, as they quote “we unleash a wave of new love and optimism (or chaos, in some cases) onto this campus.”

And now we’re here, the day that we’ve all been anxiously waiting for. Some of us are excited to maybe find love, and some of us are excited for the chaos. Will our predictions come true, or will we be left on edge and waiting for weeks to come? Time will only tell.

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