Chris Got ROCK’D

Hey folks!! This is a quick interlude before we dive into the rest of ThesisCrazy to discuss the Will Smith/Chris Rock keep-my-wife’s-name-out-of-your-mouth moment last week because we Wesleying staff couldn’t stop talking about it. To quote one of our hottest takes, after long extended debate, we decided that “it’s controversial”.

Okay here’s my actual hot take: Chris Rock lowkey deserved it. Not that I’m condoning violence (especially not Will Smith’s weird masculine pride violence) on national television, but Chris Rock has done like a whole host of semi-uncool things and the joke about Jada was really just not it. Black women are so often the target of dehumanizing and violent rhetoric about their hair, and there’s a harmful line there that Rock really just waltzed right over. He came off as misogynist and ableist and just an overall asshole. Also Jada has gone through enough in the public eye already. So. Even though Will’s response was NOT admirable, I don’t think he deserves the backlash he’s getting. He shouldn’t get kicked out of the academy and his current projects shouldn’t get shut down. So there. Just had to say that. 

To conclude, here are some fun Wesleyan themed Chris-got-Rock’d memes. Enjoy!!!



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