We Have A Wikipedia Page???

How come nobody told us we have a Wikipedia page????? At one of our recent meetings, while trying to fix the fact that we were locked out of our own Instagram (sorry about that guys), we stumbled upon Wesleying’s very own Wikipedia article. Who knew we were so famous. An intense journalistic reading under the cut.

The page says who we are, and notes that: “As an early example of a campus-wide student blog, Wesleying provided inspiration to several other college blogs and local publications.” TBH, I’m head editor and pretty versed in the history of this blog, and I didn’t realize that we were one of the first. It’s pretty cool that we provided a model for other websites.

The article includes a paragraph on how we are purposefully not affiliated with the university, which I appreciate. It says that this is “a virtue that separates it from many of its peer institutions’ college blogs.” Love that praise ty wikipedia editor.

The page also covers some of our most famous stories, including our liveblog of the 2009 shooting at Red and Black, our extensive coverage of the end of need-blind admissions, and posts about various large snowstorms.

The next part I’m just gonna block quote, because it’s really hypes us up:

“Several blogs have cited Wesleying as inspiration for their founding. The Middletown Eye reports that it “might never have opened, if it wasn’t for the inspiration provided by the intrepid bloggers of Wesleying.” MiddBlog, the campus blog for Middlebury College, also says under their mission statement that their “site was inspired by a student project called Wesleying at Wesleyan University”; Middlebury’s newer event website Middbeat also cites Wesleying as a source of inspiration for the site. Additionally, Penn State blogger Davis Shaver says in The Student Newspaper Survival Guide that Wesleying served as inspiration for starting the blog Onward State.

The blog has been cited by several publications, including The New York Times, BuzzFeed, The Daily Beast, Gawker, Stereogum, Jezebel, Inside Higher Ed, MSN and other sources.”

Pretty high praise, if I do say so myself. Eat your heart out, Argus.

Okay as I typed that I realize that the Argus probably has a wikipedia page too but I just looked AND THEY DON’T. SEE BELOW FOR RECEIPTS. GET FUCKED ARGUS.

As you can see in Exhibit A, “Wesleying” is a link, while “The Wesleyan Argus” is not

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