Procrastination Destination: A Guide to a Proper Wesleyan Breakfast

This is part of our Procrastination Destination series: bringing you deliciously silly articles to help you procrastinate on your finals. Stay tuned for more in the coming days!

If you, like me, have 8:50s (or just morning classes in general) there may be days where you want to eat breakfast but either don’t have the time or don’t feel like going to Usdan. If that’s the case, don’t worry! Here are some quick and easy breakfasts to make before class in your dorm in order of how time-consuming they are.


Buy some from wesshop, pi cafe, a nearby grocery store, or Jeffery Bezos and you’re all set! Perfect for when you’re really rushing but want a little something to sustain you throughout the day. Add a banana, apple, or some other fruit for an extra boost!

Timeliness rating: 10/10 – no preparation necessary, you could even eat it walking to class

Difficulty rating: 10/10 – super easy! Hopefully, I don’t need to tell you that all you gotta do is open the packet and you’re set

Nutrition rating: 6/10 – this is difficult to answer since it depends on the bar, but generally they’re a decent source of protein and fiber and can be low in saturated fats. However, some can be pretty sugary, and it’s not a lot of food considering it has to replace a whole meal

Necessities: Nothing!


You can’t go wrong with a tin of muffins, some banana bread, scones, or another baked good as an easy breakfast! You can simply store it in your room and eat it as you get ready for the day. As usual, you can pair it with some fruit or a drink to make it a bit more substantial.

Timeliness rating: 10/10 – again, no prep needed! Easy to grab and go if you feel like it

Difficulty rating: 10/10 – as long as you can open those pesky plastic containers some of them may come in, you’re set!

Nutrition rating: 4/10 – muffins–for example–often contain refined flour, added sugar, high sodium, and can be high in fat. Other store-bought baked goods are usually pretty similar. That being said, if you were hungry, it is better than nothing

Necessities: Nothing!


If you’re a fan of yogurt, head to the store and grab some to keep in your fridge for rushed mornings. The only issue is that they can be a little trickier to buy and store in bulk than something like energy bars, but if you have some fridge space to spare they’re a great option!

Timeliness rating: 10/10 – super simple!

Difficulty rating: 9/10 – while eating yogurt is not difficult (unless you’re lactose intolerant), it does require silverware, so I’m lowering the rating a point just because you may have to both have and wash a spoon (unless you wanna kill the earth just a bit and grab a plastic one from pi or summies)

Nutrition rating: 8/10 – yogurt contains calcium and vitamin B and is high in protein. Overall, it’s a pretty healthy option to start your day!

Necessities: Fridge


Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with eating straight granola, but feel free to add milk (from wesshop or a nearby store) or a banana you stole from Usdan and Summies to add some extra flavor and nutrition.

Timeliness rating: 7/10 – pretty quick to put together but it’d be difficult to walk and eat if you were really running late

Difficulty rating: 8/10 – it requires the act of putting together ingredients, but since those ingredients are probably just granola, milk, and some fruit, this is pretty simple. It’s getting an 8 for the same reason yogurt got a 9: washing dishes

Nutrition rating: 9/10 – this breakfast provides protein and nutrients such as iron, vitamin D, folate, and zinc, so it’s a pretty healthy option!

Necessities: If you’re adding milk, you’ll need a fridge, but otherwise nothing is needed!


If you have a kettle, instant oatmeal would be a great in-dorm breakfast option! It doesn’t take long to prepare, and it’s the perfect way to warm up on cold mornings. Boil the water while getting ready for the day, and it’ll be super fast! Add some peanut butter, banana, or cinnamon for some extra flare and nutrition.

Timeliness rating: 5/10 – while instant oatmeal is, well, pretty instant, it is comparatively slower than the rest of the listed options. Then again–as I said above–once the water is boiled, you’re pretty much good to go! It would just be difficult to walk and eat if you were properly rushing.

Difficulty rating: 7/10 – again, it’s comparatively difficult but still super simple. All you have to do is empty the packet into a bowl, add hot water, and stir! However, again, you will need to wash your dishes

Nutrition rating: 8/10 – oatmeal is a good source of fiber, it’s low in saturated fat, and it helps lower cholesterol!

Necessities: Kettle


Hopefully at least one of these will help get you on your path to being an 8:50 warrior!

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