Unofficial Orientation 2023 is here!!

the above photograph was created with official photoshop software and certainly not instagram

Heya class of 2027!

(or you oldies— you’re welcome too)

Freshman orientation is approaching with rapid speed – perhaps this is the most exciting statement to you or perhaps it makes a pit of dread in your stomach. Either way, you are most likely buzzing with questions about every aspect of your new college life that is only a week or so away. What will I be eating? What are my dorms going to be like? Should I hookup with someone on my hall? (hint: not unless you hate yourself). Wtf is WesPlague, Eclectic House, the Butthole, and the Douglas Cannon??? (A personal zoomy favorite). FEAR NOT!! All these answers and so much more will be provided by Wesleying to help you with all your pre-departure needs. 

This year, in Wesleying tradition, we’re posting our Unofficial Orientation series to get you up to speed on all things Wes. And because we’re the cool kids, we’ll tell you all the juicy details that they don’t want you to hear at the real orientation. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the info-dump that is this series. For easy access, all articles will be linked here as they are posted:

You could also look at our Unofficial Orientation 2023 tag, and if you desire feel free to look back at past Unofficial Orientations

If you have any specific questions, post them as comments to this page or email! And if you like what you see and are interested in writing for Wesleying in the future, we’ll be having an interest meeting soon after the semester starts. Stay tuned for the deets! From all of us here at Wesleying, welcome to Wesleyan! We’re so glad you’re here :D


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