Unofficial Orientation 2023: WesAdmits Culture

Somewhere between the invention of Facebook and right this second came the very first WesAdmits. You’re likely already familiar with WesAdmits 2027 – it’s the Facebook group you got added to with your acceptance and where you learned that every single admitted student ever just happens to like both chill nights in and fun nights out. After the introductory formalities in the spring, WesAdmits opens up to the rest of Wes’s student body and becomes a main forum for student communication – lost WesIDs, student plays, club sign ups, abstract questions, polemic debate – you’ll find it all in WesAdmits. Shit goes down in WesAdmits. Here are some of our tips and tricks for learning your way around the forum:

  1. Delete your introduction post. Now.
    1. Before your hallmates find it six months from now.
  2. Keep an eye out for club sign ups!
    1. Clubs have always been a great way to get to know others with similar interests. Especially in the beginning of each semester, WesAdmits gets flooded with group info sessions for prospective members, so stay alert!
  3. Hold on to your WesID.
    1. Arguably the most familiar post to a seasoned WesAdmits-er is the lost ID on a Saturday morning. You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself ask the whole school if they’ve seen that laminated card with 17-year-old you on it.
    2. See also: hold onto your things in general. Or someone will find your thing and post a picture of it looking for you!
  4. Aim for the stars.
    1. If you post enough on WesAdmits, regardless of content, you will get the little coffee icon next to your name, which means you are a “conversation starter” in the group. This is a high honor in WesAdmits culture, like the little blue checkmark on Twitter.
  5. For Wesleyan-related memes that you need everyone to see:
    1.  Not for WesAdmits. There is in fact an entire page dedicated to this, and it is Soggy We$ Memes
  6. Pick a good profile picture
    1. Because everyone that reads your name will associate you with that picture forever and ever and ever. Also for when people stalk you via Facebook, the proven most effective way of identifying anybody ever.
  7. Prepare for battle.
    1. WesAdmits is the known (virtual) place for heated debate amongst students. If you comment with a dissent, brace yourself for the inevitability of having to click “read 137 more comments.” In this sense, WesAdmits can also double as a kind of intellectual colosseum for the entertainment of the masses – sometimes you just have to gather your roommates, whip out the WesShop HipPeas, and stage a dramatic reading of the heated public argument about meal swipes.
  8. Ask yourself, is WesAdmits the place?? Am I the person??
    1. This is an important one. Admittedly there just are some things that everyone in the school needs to know about.
  9. Keep WesAdmits on refresh around Terp/Burlesque/Popular show time.
    1. WesAdmits is THE spot to find last-minute tickets to those sold out shows that everyone is fighting to get into. Hiiighly recommend keeping it open day-of for those 10:00 Terp tickets.
  10. Cut ‘em some slack.
    1. It’s WesAdmits. It matters. But also, like, not really.
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