Film Series: Playtime

1967. France. Dir: Jacques Tati. With Tati, Rita Maiden. 124 min.


If visual complexity and laugh-out-loud comedy seem like oddly intriguing bedfellows, consider this symphony of simultaneous gags – a veritable Where’s Waldo book brought to life. Amidst sets so intricate and expensive that they bankrupted the obsessive Tati, his beloved character Monsieur Hulot navigates Paris in all its frightening modernity.

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / Free

Film Series: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

1986. USA. Dir: John Hughes. With Matthew Broderick. 103 min.


Led by a charming Matthew Broderick, a trio of high school seniors borrow Daddy’s sports car and head to Chicago for an elaborate day of hooky. From its out-of-the-blue musical numbers to its tongue-in-cheek dialogue, Bueller will leave you yearning for the “good old” eighties you never actually knew.

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / $5

We Speak We Stand Weekend Message

As part of their 5-week Bystander Intervention series, We Speak We Stand is promoting tips and intervention strategies for how to intervene in potentially harmful or uncomfortable situations. Here is their poster for this week, as well as posters from previous weeks below:

Distraction Poster

Film Series: Alumni Music Videos Screening and Panel

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 3.09.06 PM

Quite a few of our recent alumni have been building their filmmaking portfolios in the music video field, creating exciting short form work filled with rhythm, playful storytelling, and bold visual experimentation. This WesFest, join us for a screening of alumni projects and ask questions of our panel of talented returning graduates.

Andrei Bowden-Schwarz ’09 – director & cinematographer, Kidshow productions
Ted Feldman ’09 - Bear Hands lead guitarist, filmmaker
Bill Kirsten ’10 – producer, director, cinematographer

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / Free

Queer Prom

11150182_10204623927183026_5442756313107754637_nFrom Ariel Lesnick ’15:

This year’s Queer Prom Theme is Queer Futurity/ Future/ Cyborgs.

For everyone who would rather be a cyborg than a goddess, who analyzes their life through queer temporalities, and everyone in between, please come through!

There will be music, dancing, and the traditional prom photo booth.

Date: Saturday, April 18
Time: 10PM – 1AM
Place: Alpha Delt

FB event.

Senior Date Auction

11102709_10152836325316705_956251653559683971_nFrom Gavriella Wolf ’15:

Have your eye on a special senior? Want a chance to get to know them before graduation? Interested in supporting a great cause?

Then come to Relay For Life of Wesleyan University’s 3rd Annual Senior Date Auction!!! A variety of seniors will be up for auction, and all proceeds go to the American Cancer Society.

Be sure to come with your heart open, your wallet stuffed, and your competitive edge – these seniors are in high demand!

The highest bidder and their special someone will win an all expense paid dinner on Main Street courtesy of Relay so be sure to bid high!

Date: Saturday, April 18
Time: 7:30-9 PM
Place: Usdan Courtyard
Cost: however much you choose to bid

fb event


“Concerts on Foss: now more than ever!”

It’s definitely not Kanye….but that’d be awesome, right?? Thanks to Yik Yak, that new thing that spreads weird rumors, many of us know that the line up is actually Chingy as headliner, Hall and Oates, and Big Sean. However, today I heard from a Spring Fling Committee member that the line-up is actually as follows:

THE JULIE RUIN (Kathleen Hanna + members of Le Tigre / Bikini Kill)

So maybe that’s right, since we know from previous years that the lineup is definitely complete once we have a hip hop headliner, an indie act, and some electronic music. But Yik Yak says otherwise and some senior says “we’re still negotiating with Modest Mouse.”

Will it be outside? I HOPE SO! But really, who knows at this point? It’s up to the admin, and even though last year I proclaimed that Spring Fling Will Be Outside [Forever] Even if Meteors Hit Foss, it was ultimately hyperbole and I have no idea (nor do Spring Fling Committee members).

SPRRRINGGGG FLIIINNGGGGG May 7, 1 PM (when the opening act, which will be decided during BATTLE OF THE BANDS AT ECLECTIC ON APRIL 24, goes on). Read past the jump to find out more about the artists.

Film Series: A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

2014. USA. Dir: Ana Lily Amirpour. With Sheila Vand, Arash Marandi. 99 min.


Welcome to Bad City, Iran. It has a lot going for it: drugs, prostitution, death, etc. It also has a girl who spends her nights skating and drinking the blood of its low-lifes. Easily the best black-and-white female-driven Persian-language vampire “Western” to date, Girl demonstrates plenty of style, pop-culture savvy, and biting social commentary.

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / $5

Precision Ensemble Annual Performance

From Nora Thompson ’15:

Come see a group of talented dancers on campus perform original works in Precision Ensemble’s 21st annual performance!

Show times:
Friday April 17th 7pm
Friday April 17th 9pm
Saturday April 18th 9pm

Precision Dance Company is made up of two separate, yet equally important groups: Troupe and Ensemble. Troupe primarily performs hip-hop pieces once a semester during its semi-annual party; Ensemble presents a show during the spring semester, featuring choreography in a variety of dance styles, including modern, jazz, ballet, contemporary, and lyrical.

spliffjams, Yadda~Yadda, Josh the Word @ Earth House

From Nicole Stanton ’15:

this thurs earth house has good people that make dang good tunes.

1st we have the return of spliffjams (9 PM)
jamming and spliff-ing and Hana Elion, Jay Sharma, and Ari Ebstein

then Yadda Yadda (10 PM)
New Haven-based songsmith and multi-instrumentalist, Yadda Yadda sings an eclectic, introspective indie-soul. Drawing on an omnivorous musical palette with tastes for everything from counterpoint to Chance the Rapper, Ayanna Woods, with her voice and her songwriting, hopes to use her modern, genre-shrugging music to explore and expand notions of black artists and female artists today.Woods’ work as a songwriter is in growing demand. Woods’ music is surprising. As she hunts for grooves and melodies that excite the mind, body, and soul, her music is at its best, for her, when it finds a feeling that she doesn’t quite understand, when it expresses something true and new and inexplicable.