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ENG 420: Practicum in Digital Journalism

methodSophia Jennings ’16 writes in:

Come hear about student forum ENG420: DIGITAL JOURNALISM, a semester-long course where we will focus on producing online content and developing our portfolio. This writing-intensive seminar will introduce students to a variety of forms, from the interview, to the profile, to data-based storytelling. We will be skyping with numerous alumni in the industry, and your work will have the opportunity to be published online via Method Magazine. Multi-media projects will be highly encouraged.

Sophia Jennings ’16 and Ben Romero ’16 will be leading the student forum.

Date: Monday, January 25
Time: 7-8PM
Place: 41 Wyllys, Room 113

Library workshops for senior thesis and essay writers

"Portrait of clever student with open book reading it in college library"

“Portrait of clever student with open book reading it in college library”

For any lost seniors out there:

The library is offering workshops for seniors writing a thesis or an essay. Topics include finding resources here and elsewhere, discovering specialized resources, interlibrary loans, reference services, EndNote, and more.

Sessions will be offered on Monday 9/28, Tuesday 9/29, Wednesday 9/30, and Thursday 10/1 at 11:00, 1:00, and
3:00 each day. No need to sign up ahead of time. Choose a date and time convenient for you and join a group for a 45 minute info session at Olin Library’s reference office. Attendees will be granted expanded interlibrary loan privileges.

Dates: Monday, September 28 through Thursday, October 1
Times: 11 AM, 1 PM, and 3 PM each day
Place: Olin Library

WESupport International Students

From Elizabeth Arslanoglou ’16:

Are you an international student? Are you facing difficulties in adapting to classes and social life at WES? Do you feel that your cultural norms are different from those in the US? Do you believe that there are many things you just don’t get here? Do you feel homesick? Do you want a group of people similar to you to talk to?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, join us in our New Mental Health Support Group, specifically focused on International Students. The group will be facilitated by trained students who will also be active participants in the discussion. We will be having weekly friendly conversations about issues that concern us, relative to our transition from other cultures into a US college campus. You are not the only one out there facing “culture shock” so come share your experiences and thoughts!

Date: February 23-May 11
Time: 8-9 PM
Place: Memorial Chapel Meditation Room



10353547_10153095431921177_6367538421406283836_nZia Grossman-Vendrillo ’15 writes in:

TRAGIKINGDOM: A Medieval Skapopera (ska-pop-opera)

Set roughly within the 5th and 15th century, TRAGIKINGDOM weaves the tale of forbidden and feudal love between a queen and a revolutionary serf to the musical stylings of No Doubt’s 1995 album Tragic Kingdom.

We are looking for singers, dancers, actors, jesters, and fools of all
types and backgrounds to audition to be part of this concert

Auditions will be from 4:30-6 on Wed, Jan 28 in the East Room
& Thurs, Jan 29 in the Jones Room

Callbacks will be Sat, Jan 31

Date: January 28th-29th
Time: 4:30-6:00 PM
Place: East Room (Wednesday) and Jones Room (Thursday)

Bar Night at Usdan

It’s Bar Night at Usdan.  It’s BAR NIGHT at USDAN.  A headline out of my dreams:

A full range of mocktails and sodas will be served with labeled ingredients.

We will provide a range of different activities such as Wii, trivia competition, water pong, darts, karaoke, pool, foosball, and other
games. Following the bar night theme, we will be serving fries, onion rings and chicken fingers.

While participating in this fun filled event, students can enjoy delicious drinks and great entertainment with friends, without
worrying about having a terrible hangover the next day. This will also be a scent and strobe-light free event.

Date: Friday, November 2
Time: 9:30pm-11:59pm
Place:  The Usdan Center
Cost: Noneskies

Mid Autumn Festival Celebrations

Join the folks at Asian/Asian American House, Chinese House, Japanese Hall, Full House, Taiwanese Cultural Society, Hong Kong Students’ Association and Panda Club for a night of fun-filled activities and amazing food! Mid Autumn Festival is a traditional festival celebrated by many in Asia, and a key feature of the celebration is viewing the round moon and enjoying mooncakes. We will serve traditional (and delicious) mooncakes, Chinese tea, and delicious Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine! We will also host a lantern walk and a talk by Professor Xiaomiao Zhu of the Asian Languages and Literatures Department – all for free!

Food will be served first to those who present tickets, and then to other guests at the event.

  • Date: TODAY, Saturday, September 17
  • Time: 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
  • Place: Asian/Asian American House Front Lawn (107 High Street, behind Butt B)
  • Cost: Free!

B.A.P. – Big Ass Party – TONIGHT!

What’s going on tonight? One of those B.A.P.s. What’s a B.A.P.? A Big Ass Party, of course. Come to Psi U TONIGHT, Saturday, September 17th to hear a sample of Wesleyan’s most talented musical performers. We’re gonna start things off nice and funky with Almonds and Elephants (’12 and ’13), a band that’s been getting a lot of attention at Wesleyan for three years running. After that it’s Wesleyan’s own Pat Salazar ’13, aka S…poken Phor, ready to drop some rhymes and show you all a good time. Finally, Paradise Stomp aka Brewster Lee ’13 and Crook$hanks aka Adrien DeFontaine ’13 are teaming up to bring the house down with some diirrty beats. Set list after the jump: 

The Autism Culture War: Dueling Narratives About Autism in American Public Life – TODAY!

Come hear a lecture from Ari Ne’eman, President of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network and Member of the National Council on Disability. Ari’s talk will focus on the history of how autism has been approached in research, practice, and society at large, and the ways in which the national conversation on autism has developed distinctly from the wider disability rights movement. Among the themes to be explored will be the ethical and social issues surrounding societal approaches to autism, including the neurodiversity movement, the different narratives around autism in the parent and self-advocate communities, and the ways in which these narratives have shaped policy, for good and ill.

A Q & A session will follow the lecture.
Dinner will be provided!

  • Date: TODAY, Saturday, September 17
  • Time: 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
  • Place: Judd 116
  • Cost: Free!
  • Facebook Page: Here!
  • Brought to you by Wesleyan Students for Disability Rights and Sign Language House
  • Sponsored by the Adelphic Educational Fund


“Real Student Life at Wesleyan University. And ‘N Sync Medleys!”

Audition for Wesleying! Get psyched to join Wesleyan’s premier online-only a capella group by auditioning this Saturday—in person—in Allbritton 304. Come learn about Wesleyan’s sassiest, and most WordPress-savvy, singing group. Bring a song to sing (preferably a 13-16 minute medley of outtakes from Rent), a virtuosic display of shark dance motions, and a bottomless command of HTML. Dress sharp (eyeliner welcome; pixelated costumes forbidden), and dazzle us with your doo-wop backup grooves and crippling carpal tunnel syndrome. Serenade us of site meters and JPEGs, spambots and reCAPTCHAs. Join Wesleying: Real Bop-Shoo-Wop at Wesleyan University.

Let us know if you have what it takes to, um—blog in your underwear. All students and class years welcome. Giant joints, too.

Date: Tomorrow, Saturday, September 17
Place: Allbritton 304 (conference room, third floor of Allbritton)
Time: 4:30 pm

(Note: no actual singing. In the words of Sheek: “All you need is Internet access, the ability to string sentences together coherently, and an interest in life at Wesleyan as it is, was, and might be.” More from past recruitments after the jump.)

Men With Bad Manners at Music House

Howe Pearson ’12 writes in with this ambiguous call to action:

Men With Bad Manners are playing tonight (that’s 9/16) at Music House. The atmosphere within and about their audiences and them has always been full of Jah enchantments. Their joyous sounds are carriages to tangible euphoria that last for eternity. CAUTION: Planning to attend their shows is committing your will and energies to these mad men invested with bad manners. Before you know, and without your consent, you’ll be in the above mentioned state. Perhaps you’ll regret later why you had not known them beforehand. But again, everything comes before you! And Men With Bad Manners will be there on stage before your arrival.

Hear their inconsiderate music here.

Date: Friday, September 16th
Time: 10:00 PM
Place: Music Haus