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ENG 420: Practicum in Digital Journalism

methodSophia Jennings ’16 writes in:

Come hear about student forum ENG420: DIGITAL JOURNALISM, a semester-long course where we will focus on producing online content and developing our portfolio. This writing-intensive seminar will introduce students to a variety of forms, from the interview, to the profile, to data-based storytelling. We will be skyping with numerous alumni in the industry, and your work will have the opportunity to be published online via Method Magazine. Multi-media projects will be highly encouraged.

Sophia Jennings ’16 and Ben Romero ’16 will be leading the student forum.

Date: Monday, January 25
Time: 7-8PM
Place: 41 Wyllys, Room 113

Library workshops for senior thesis and essay writers

"Portrait of clever student with open book reading it in college library"

“Portrait of clever student with open book reading it in college library”

For any lost seniors out there:

The library is offering workshops for seniors writing a thesis or an essay. Topics include finding resources here and elsewhere, discovering specialized resources, interlibrary loans, reference services, EndNote, and more.

Sessions will be offered on Monday 9/28, Tuesday 9/29, Wednesday 9/30, and Thursday 10/1 at 11:00, 1:00, and
3:00 each day. No need to sign up ahead of time. Choose a date and time convenient for you and join a group for a 45 minute info session at Olin Library’s reference office. Attendees will be granted expanded interlibrary loan privileges.

Dates: Monday, September 28 through Thursday, October 1
Times: 11 AM, 1 PM, and 3 PM each day
Place: Olin Library

WESupport International Students

From Elizabeth Arslanoglou ’16:

Are you an international student? Are you facing difficulties in adapting to classes and social life at WES? Do you feel that your cultural norms are different from those in the US? Do you believe that there are many things you just don’t get here? Do you feel homesick? Do you want a group of people similar to you to talk to?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, join us in our New Mental Health Support Group, specifically focused on International Students. The group will be facilitated by trained students who will also be active participants in the discussion. We will be having weekly friendly conversations about issues that concern us, relative to our transition from other cultures into a US college campus. You are not the only one out there facing “culture shock” so come share your experiences and thoughts!

Date: February 23-May 11
Time: 8-9 PM
Place: Memorial Chapel Meditation Room



10353547_10153095431921177_6367538421406283836_nZia Grossman-Vendrillo ’15 writes in:

TRAGIKINGDOM: A Medieval Skapopera (ska-pop-opera)

Set roughly within the 5th and 15th century, TRAGIKINGDOM weaves the tale of forbidden and feudal love between a queen and a revolutionary serf to the musical stylings of No Doubt’s 1995 album Tragic Kingdom.

We are looking for singers, dancers, actors, jesters, and fools of all
types and backgrounds to audition to be part of this concert

Auditions will be from 4:30-6 on Wed, Jan 28 in the East Room
& Thurs, Jan 29 in the Jones Room

Callbacks will be Sat, Jan 31

Date: January 28th-29th
Time: 4:30-6:00 PM
Place: East Room (Wednesday) and Jones Room (Thursday)

Happening Almost Right Now: First SHOFCO Meeting

Why choose between bold and ALL-CAPS when you can do like Ari Fishman ’13 and get the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS?

There’s so much to plan: this month, the school started their new term, there’s a new class of pre-kindergarten, and the gender-based violence clinic is up and running! Let alone the fact that Chelsea Clinton did a report on SHOFCO on NBC

Our first meeting of the semester will be
at 9pm
at 200 Church.

Date: Tonight, January 29
Time: 9:00 p.m.
Place: 200 Church
Cost: Free

Fencing Club Info Session and Open Practice


If you’ve ever had a childhood of any sort, you’ve probably fantasized about being Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride, or possibly Zorro, or maybe the Three Musketeers if you’re really classy.  Ali Rosenberg ’15 (no relation) writes in with an offer from W’Escrime to turn your daydreams into reality:

Whether you’re an accomplished swordsperson or just a fan of blunt
blades, join W’Escrime: The Wesleyan Fencing Club for an info meeting
and open practice this Tuesday from 7-9 p.m. in Beckham. No experience
or equipment necessary! Just bring long pants, comfortable shoes, and
your lovely faces.

Not to brag or anything, but I actually did fencing in high school.  It’s fun, and good exercise, and nobody will ever bully you again. Probably.

Date: Tuesday, January 29th.
Time: 7–9 pm
Place: Beckham
Cost: Free — unless, of course, you have six fingers on your right hand.
Facebook: As you wish.

Guns, Guns, Guns: A Discussion with the Roosevelt Institute


Are you disturbed by recent shootings throughout these United States? Do you think the issue of gun violence in this country is good conversation material? Are you hankering for a civilized discussion about the future of this country? If your answer to any of these questions is yes (or maybe), Amy Davis ’13 has the perfect opportunity for you:

Our first meeting of the semester will be this Tuesday, January 29, at 7pm on the Usdan couches to discuss gun violence.  Coming off Aurora, Sandy Hook, and an exceptionally polarized election year, there’s no better time to talk about why and how these tragedies occur, what we as a nation should do about them, and the politics behind finding a solution.

Onomatopoeia Auditions


From Elisa Waugh ’13:

Come audition for Onomatopoeia, one of Wesleyan’s all-female a
cappella groups! Bring a song and your beautiful voice!

Auditions are on Tuesday, January 29th and Wednesday, January 30th from 7-9pm.

Date: Tuesday, January 29th and Wednesday, January 30th
Time: 7pm
Place: Usdan 110
Cost: The price of fame

Planning Meeting for Gun Control March in Hartford


Want to spend the two-month anniversary of the Newtown shooting marching through Hartford with thousands of others to demand sensible gun legislation in Connecticut? So do I. There’s a planning meeting on Tuesday, and Em Kianka ’13 has deets:

The recent tragedy in Newtown has just made more apparent an issue that has been neglected for far too long. We as a community must take a stand and tell our legislators that enacting gun control legislation now is necessary to ending gun violence in the state of Connecticut. Come stand in solidarity with those working to end gun violence and join the March for Change in Hartford the morning of February 14th. The March for Change is organized by a coalition of activists supporting the enactment of safer gun legislation in CT and will support the efforts of CT Against Gun Violence.

Interested in marching or helping mobilize a coalition of Wesleyan students to attend or volunteer at the march? Come attend this planning meeting on Tuesday, 1/29 at 4:15 in Usdan 110 to talk about our vision for Wesleyan’s involvement in the march. THERE WILL BE SNACKS!

Also, please invite your friends!

Date: Tuesday, January 29 (the actual march is February 14)
Time: 4:15 p.m.
Place: Usdan 110
Facebook: koobecaF

The Birds are the Students in Field Ornithology Student Forum


Which part of “take a student forum” do you not understand? Christ, do I need to have Oliver James ’14 whip out some bird-based martial arts on you kids? Just take a look at this:

The Birds of Central Connecticut: An Introduction to Field Ornithology (.5 Credit)

This student forum is designed to give an introduction to bird life and behavior, with an emphasis on local bird knowledge and identification.  The structure of this forum will consist of regular field trips to spots around campus and greater Central Connecticut accompanied by in-class workshops and readings.

Other ideas in the works include the creation of The Field Guide to the Birds of Wesleyan, construction and monitoring of bird feeders and bird houses around campus, and perhaps an attempt in the Spring to set the record for number of bird species seen in one 24 hour period in Middlesex County (*disclaimer*: there is no record yet).

Students should expect to leave the course with an ability to identify most of the resident, local avifauna by sight and sound and a greater understanding of how birds fit into the greater ecological communities beyond Connecticut!

And then migrate to an Information Session, Tuesday the 29th!

What: Bird School
When: Tuesday the 29th @ 4:30 p.m.
Where: Usdan 108 (That’s where birds come from)