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Meditate and Destroy: Meditation & Conversation with Josh Korda

josh-korda-dharma-punkFrom Kate Gilbert ’18:

Join us for meditation and conversation with Josh Korda, dharma teacher and member of the Against the Stream Buddhist community. Korda, whose past is deeply rooted in punk culture, has channeled his dissatisfaction with contemporary America into Buddhist practice. Korda now teaches in the Theravada Buddhist tradition, and he brings a special perspective to this form of practice.

In a documentary on Dharma Punx NYC, Korda explains his ideology: “Buddhism is about dissatisfaction. The Buddha was dissatisfied with material life. And of people who come to Dharma Punx are very dissatisfied. They’re very dissatisfied with 21st century America, with capitalism, with their limited opportunities, with being massively in debt. The ephemeral quality of relationships these days is dominated by social media… how little real connection they have with one another. You should be dissatisfied. There is something wrong. And this is a practice to help you channel that dissatisfaction in a way that you can find true lasting happiness.”

For more information on Against the Stream Meditation Society, check out their website. Please email me with any questions: kngilbert[at]wesleyan[dot]edu

Date: Wednesday, October 26
Time: 5:30 – 8 PM
Place: Downey House Lounge

Submit to the Subway Ride: TIME

From Haenah Kwon ’17:

tsrIT’S ABOUT TIME. The Subway Ride, the all-inclusive human expression magazine, is accepting submissions for our Fall’16 magazine and blog, and it is, indeed, about TIME. You know the rules, submit any work (anonymously or not) you have as long as you think it is respectful to others and is vaguely- or closely- related to our theme. Be creative!

We accept videos and sounds/music in addition to printable works.
We will also have boxes traveling around campus (related to ‘REGRETS’ and ‘TIME TRAVEL) (especially near bathrooms and cafes) where you can submit anonymous short pieces, so watch out for those.

Email everything to thesubwayride[at]gmail[dot]com.
More info:

We are, after all, cans of pine-apples (points for you if you get the reference).

8 to 8 is up again!

8-to-8-telephoneA very important message:

8 to 8 (the student run anonymous, confidential, listening service) is starting up for the semester. Call us anytime between 7pm-7am on weekdays or 7pm-10pm on Friday/Saturday at 860-685-7789 or chat with us through our website from 7pm-2am any night of the week. Our well-trained, committed, non-judgmental members are here to listen to your problems (or non problems). Please call us!

Seriously, 8 to 8 is awesome, and they’re there if you want to talk about anything at all. Call ’em! Beep ’em! Chat ’em thru the website!

The Writing Workshop is Officially Open for the Semester!

spongebob-essay-memeFrom Ford Fellow Gabe Borelli ’16:

Writing is hard. Sometimes we make mistakes. But whether you like it, love it, or hate it, writing is a part of life here at Wes. And sometimes it’s hard to get our ideas into just the shape we want them.

But fear not! Professor Meg Furniss Weisberg and I have just the solution! We’re excited to announce that the Writing Workshop has officially re-opened its doors as of Monday, September 12th.

At the Writing Workshop a staff of trained peer tutors is available to meet with you at every stage of the writing process. You can meet with a tutor to discuss ideas for an upcoming assignment, edit a rough draft of a paper, or review a professor’s comments on completed work. Everyone is welcome and all services are free. Make an appointment through your E-portfolio (click on “Writing Workshop”) or stop by during drop-in hours. One-on-one appointment slots last 45 minutes (though you do not have to use the whole time period), and all Workshop Tutors will be taking drop-in students in the event that there are un-booked appointments when you decide to drop in.

If you have any questions, please contact Ford Fellow Gabriel Borelli at (860) 685-2440 or writingworks(at)wesleyan(dot)edu.

For the writing workshop’s fall schedule, click through: