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The French Machine

romanceA cool thing happening today:

“The French Machine” reexamines Joachim Du Bellay’s famous literary manifesto of 1549, La Deffence et Illustration de la Langue Francoyse, through the lens of media history. What does La Deffence, with its vision for a “new” French poetics of imitation, have to do with the new medium of print and its technology of reproduction? To what extent is the rejection of “old” French poetic forms also a casting off of the oral/manuscript past? In this talk, Chenoweth suggests that beyond offering a model of poetic imitatio and a rhetoric of vernacular nationalism, Du Bellay’s manifesto lays out a self consciously revolutionary mode of (re)producing poetic language in the age of mechanical reproduction.

Time: 4:30PM
Place: Highwaymen Common Room, Romance Languages and Literatures

Apply for Writing Prizes!


The deadline to apply for writing prizes awarded by the Writing Certificate has been extended until Tuesday, April 4, 2017.

The Writing Certificate invites students to submit outstanding poetry, fiction, and other prose for consideration for prizes. These prizes recognize exceptional student writing and also support summer projects and graduate study. Prizewinners have included students from all majors and class years. Students have undertaken ambitious projects through summer fellowships, including travel to foreign countries. Students have also completed research, oral history projects, and personal writing initiatives. Wesleyan Writers Conference scholarships are also available.

Most awards include a cash prize. For a description of the awards, visit

To apply, send your submissions as an email attachment to

Date: April 04, 2017

Time: 4:30 PM

Place: Submission