BandCampWes: White Suns Make Comeback, Noise

The “gnarliest, ugliest crew from Death By Audio’s scum-sucking nu-pigfuck scene” drop second LP. It’s been far too long since I’ve contracted chronic tinnitus on this benighted campus (guys: remember Insanity Weekend a year ago?), but here’s a gesture from the Great Alumni Beyond: White Suns, the punishingly dense noise rock project of Wes experimental/noise/whatever […]

MuHo Show on a Sunday Night?

Stick it to the fucking man with Music House: Tonight, Sunday night, Neon Blud, a loud band from Florida, and Cancer Dance, another loud band, are playing at Music House. It’s free. Here’s info about Neon Bud, and here’s Cancer Dance. Date: Tonight, November 14 Time: 9:00 PM – 11:00 PM Place: Music House (316 […]

Music @ Nic Lounge

These post titles are getting creative, huh. Bands: For the illustrated people Cancer dance 1 TBA Date: Saturday, February 17thTime: 8pm – 10pmVenue: Nic Lounge