(!) GIANT JOINT: Officially (En)Rolled (Again) (?)

Good lord, what a hazy day democracy has seen. In addition to the stunning A-Batte write-in victory, wieb$ points out that Giant Joint, noted social justice trailblazer, also smoked his rivals and landed a seat as write-in WSA at-large representative with a respectable 99 votes: Perhaps voters finally want to hit their representatives with the […]

WSA Candidate Statement for Giant Joint

Dear readers, In our rush to publish WSA candidates’ statements, we seem to have missed acknowledgment of one of the generation’s most potent political movements. This is an egregious error, and we apologize. Thankfully, a true model citizen among us—John Ryan ’14—has taken it upon himself to speak on Giant Joint’s behalf. Full statement after […]

Giant Joint Hits Deutschland?

Or, “Ich Bin Ein Deadhead” So, turns out Wes isn’t the only place with a near-mythical interest in gigantic physical manifestations of marijuana culture (freshpersons: click and learn). This one’s technically a plant, all dressed up for the holidays and no place to go.  Huff Post reports today on a German man who decorated a […]

Giant Joint is not a myth; I have seen it.

Giant Joint, perennial WSA candidate, has gone on the road, dropping in on Tijuana. Weighing in at 150 tons and composed of 15,300 bricks, Mexican authorities were unable to resist burning ze in a two day long smoke filled bacchanalia. Ze is now slumbering in Valhalla, preparing for Ragnarök waiting for the next election to grace us […]

Back From High-atus: Giant Joint for WSA

Roll Out The Old, Roll Up The Joint, Write In The Name Write-in “Giant Joint” in this year’s WSA Presidential elections. Your vote counts! Despite an overwhelmingly successful campaign last December, Giant Joint was denied hir rightfully elected seat on the WSA. However, the political influence of Giant Joint has proliferated at Wesleyan throughout the […]

This just in: Giant Joint not actually a Wes student

Hey so it turns out that despite the record-breaking turnout for Giant Joint in this election (just 4 shy of 420 votes), and what appears to be a first-time, much-deserved victory for our old friend and perennial write-in, we might have a Birther scandal on our hands. Has anyone actually seen hir certificate of enrollment? […]

Giant Joint Wins Seat!

With 416 votes, Giant Joint finishes 4th overall! Yo GJ, nice going. I hope the fat chill you be busting be super comfy! You earned it! Victory Anthems! -> Smoke Two Joints /////// Stoned Faces Don’t Lie <- Campaign Promises! Congratulations also to Cordelia Blanchard, Joseph O’Donnell, Marina Reza, Bradley Spahn, Sandy Durosier and Mandela Kazi!

In Defense of Giant Joint

Remember… you don’t have to light up to lighten up. From a campaign statement of sorts posted on Aural Wes… WE CANNOT JUST KEEP WESLEYAN WEIRD, WE MUST MAKE IT WEIRD CHOOSE ADVENTURE OVER BOREDOM WE DON’T WANT A CHANGE IN BOSSES, WE WANT A CHANGE IN LIFE WRITE IT IN! Elections close at midnight […]