Procrastination Destination: The Archives

Are you looking for even more procrastination destination articles to keep you from facing those essays and exams? Check out some highlights of our articles from past years: Internet rabbit holes to fall down Buzzfeed galore  MEMES – and 2019 ones at that. Knitting shenanigans Random youtube links with no context Tree climbing octopi??? A […]

Procrastination Destination: Online XMAS SHOPPING!

Helloooooo folks and welcome to day THREE of Procrastination Destination!! To help you avoid starting your next essay, here are some online Christmas shopping ideas to check out. (If you don’t celebrate Christmas, just take this as a general Hannukkah/Kwanzaa/maybe future birthday etc. gift-giving guide).

Procrastination Destination: Buzzfeed Edition

Hello fellow procrastinators! While it may be easy as hell to procrastinate, sometimes the regular ol’ routine (switching between snapchat, youtube, and instagram) can get slightly boring, so I’m here to switch things up…we’re adding buzzfeed to the mix. Enjoy my favorite quizzes, lads, as they’re sure to swallow up at least twenty minutes of […]

Procrastination Destination: Get Baked (Goods)

It’s that time of year again! The weather is getting colder, the days are getting (painfully) shorter, and we’re all drowning in finals. That means it’s time for Procrastination Destination! Keep checking in all during reading period and finals for fun Wesleying articles to help you do anything but your work. If you can’t get […]

Procrastination Destination: The Loveland Frog

Today, my friends, I am going to introduce you to my personal favorite cryptid and American legend: The Loveland Frog. The Loveland Frog, aka the Loveland Frogman or the Loveland Lizard, is a four-foot-tall humanoid frog that has been spotted multiple times near Loveland, Ohio. He is said to have leathery skin, webbed hands and […]