CHUM Senior Student Fellowship Deadline

Class of 2012: heed this announcement from Kathleen Coe Roberts regarding the 2011-2012 CHUM student fellowship, which you still have five days to apply for: Deadline for applications is Friday, March 25. Please click here for more details on the Center for the Humanities Senior Student Fellowship. All members of the junior class are invited […]

Professor Anthony Hatch Presents “Black Phoenix Rising: Death and Resurrection of Black Lives”

From the Center for the Humanities: Associate Professor of Science in Society, African American Studies, and Sociology Anthony Hatch presents the first Monday night CHUM lecture of the semester. This semester’s theme is “Rethinking Necropolitics.” “In the face of violent anti-black forms of institutionalized racism, black people are forced to find new ways to refuse […]

Courses of Interest Spring 2014

UPDATE: These courses are STILL open. Sometimes, in the chaos of planning one’s courses, we can overlook (also source of picture above– shout-out to the amazing Avery Trufleman ’13 who’s killin it in the real world) some incredible WesMaps gems. In an effort to help you out, here are some courses next semester to watch out for […]

Lt. Col. Isaiah Wilson III: “Thinking Beyond War”

The CHUM lecture series continues: Why was there a deliberate plan to fight the war in Iraq but none to win the peace? This question, which has caused such confusion and consternation among the American public and been the subject of much political wrangling over the past few years, is the focus of Lt. Col. […]

Professor Donald Moon “Paradoxes of International Justice”

Interesting CHUM lecture tomorrow: After WW II European colonial empires were disbanded and virtually all of the world’s territory came to be politically organized into territorially distinct sovereign states. At the same time, there has been a growing concern throughout the world with idea of international or global justice, manifested in part in the emergence […]

Ben Seretan at Red & Black Cafe

Ben Seretan ’10, recently out of commission with the gastro, is celebrating recovery with a live performance at Red & Black tonight, part of their Monday night music series: They have music at Red and Black on Mondays. I am performing today. I will be doing mostly Fleetwood Mac covers. Event will not interfere with […]

Procrastination Destination: Wesleyan on the ‘Tube

We’re here for you, avoiding our own work so that you can procrastinate with us.  Welcome to Part One of Procrastination Destination: Spring ’15 edition! In less than three hours, reading period will end, and we’re basically all screwed. But, if you need something to tide yourself over before the Primal Scream tonight, we’ve got you covered. […]

Africanizing Technology Conference

An invitation from Jasmine Mack ’16: Africa has long been a space of technological innovation and adaptation despite popular Western media depictions to the contrary. In fact, Africa is at the center of global technology stories such as the history of nuclear proliferation. Recently scholars have documented novel uses of contemporary media technologies on the […]

Planned Parenthood Rally: Recap and More Photos

More than 300 Wesleyan students (in addition to students from Southern Connecticut State U, Eastern Connecticut State U, Trinity College, and Conn College) filled the Tishler Lecture Hall this afternoon to support Planned Parenthood and listen to speeches by Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal, President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America Cecile Richards, President of Planned […]