Douglas Cannon Spotted in the Career Center

It’s Reunion & Commencement Weekend, which means campus is crawling with wealthy alumni; nervous soon-to-be-graduates; underclassmen working temp jobs as ushers or golf cart drivers or squatting in their senior friends’ houses; and, of course, Wesleyan dads. In between all the snoozing on Usdan couches, schmoozing on Foss Hill, engaging in Senior Week shenanigans, chasing after famous […]

The Douglas Cannon Resurfaces

The Douglas Cannon, a 140-pound brass cannon that is periodically stolen and returned to Wesleyan for a cult ritual I don’t understand, has resurfaced. I got an e-mail on Friday with the photo above and the following message: The official base of the Douglas Cannon is between South College and the Memorial Chapel, though it’s […]

Douglas Cannon Comes to Zelnick

Continuing a recent Finals Week tradition of sorts, the Cannon Society sends word of a special cameo in Zelnick this week: Happy Holidays! We know finals can be a stressful time, but we thought we’d spread a little holiday cheer. Please visit Zelnick sometime before Wednesday for a spirited surprise. All the best, The Cannon […]

Douglas Cannon Spotted in Zelnick

According to Wesleyan’s Facebook page, the famed  Douglas Cannon made a surprise appearance on campus earlier this afternoon. Thirty-one years after being baked into Wesleyan’s sesquicentennial birthday cake in 1981—and about 18 months after this Douglas Cannon holiday card—the 140-pound, 29-inch long instrument sat on display in Zelnick Pavilion for a few quiet hours. According […]

CannonTalk?! with the infamous Douglas Cannon

From Douglas Cannon (yes, the cannon hirself emailed us): DouglasCannon is back. DouglasCannon wants to speak to you. DouglasCannon says, come hither, and I’ve missed you, Wesleyan. The Douglas Cannon has historically been a powerful symbol in Wesleyan history and has been involved in a variety of historical events and pranks around the country. For […]

Douglas Cannon is On Campus!

Exciting news: the Douglas motherfuckin’ Cannon has made a triumphant return to campus for the first time since 2007! Full tip, from the artifact itself: To Whom it May Concern, I’m back on campus after a brief hiatus and I just wanted to let the Wesleyan student body know that I’ve returned. It seems that […]

Douglas Cannon!

The Douglas Cannon made a brief appearance at the inauguration reception today. I snapped a couple of photos of it at 4:45, and it was gone by 5:15. The PSafe officer tasked with guarding the cannon said that it had “just shown up” a half hour previous, and he expected that “they” would probably come […]


The infamous cannon has returned for commencement today. More details surely will follow later, but I know nothing more at the moment. !!!

Highlights in the Douglass Cannon’s Legacy

  It’s come to my attention that we are not talking enough about what I believe is one of Wesleyan’s greatest hidden treasures: the Douglass Cannon.  Though on occasion I meet a person who shares my love for this silly cannon, I find that most people live in complete oblivion of its existence. Like many […]