Westrospective: MoCon (McConaughy Hall)

I was scrolling through our Wesleyan University Google Alerts email recently when I came upon a surprising link–someone is selling the old MoCon sign. My first thought upon seeing this was Who on earth would pay $695 for an old sign??? quickly followed by Some student probably stole this when they demolished MoCon in 2010 and is […]


It’s the moment you’ve all been dreading.  The life of McConaughy Hall, opened 1962 and closed 2007, has come to an end. R.I.P. MoCon. If you’re on campus this summer and see further developments with the destruction of MoCon and the paving over of its home on campus, send us pictures to weep over at […]

Wesleying’s MoCon Retrospective: Part 3- Traditions

Seniors, it’s just about time for you to wrap up your work at Wes and ride off into the sunset with your fancy new piece of paper. There is, however, one last tiny bit of business to take care of before you graduate. (Let’s pretend you’re actually reading this on the Saturday before graduation.) As […]

Roth Kills MoCon, Quotes Dylan, Charms All

(THIS JUST IN: Roth announces MoCon’s death sentence on the one day of the year students are too blazed, err, distracted to notice. Sly bastard.) It was easy to hold out idealistic hope for MoCon’s survival last month when Roth acknowledged widespread alumni concerns by postponing demolition and promising to review options—again—for possible alternative uses […]

MoCon Update: Roth to the Rescue?

Well, not quite. But he is delaying its demolition, in a hard-won victory for vocal alumni, including Matthew Weiner ’87. From a blog post today after meeting with Trustees (Roth’s words, my bold): A topic that came up in various venues throughout the weekend concerned the future of McConaughy Hall. I knew the building well […]

Mocon Gets a Flash Party

Last night the student body kicked off some pre-midterms stress with an awesome flash party at Mocon.  It was very short-lived – Psafe quickly busted the party – but definitely the event of the weekend.  The party brought to mind other spontaneous celebrations like last year’s Exley flash party.  From my (possibly incorrect) perspective, members […]

Mad Men MoCon: Matthew Weiner ’87 Weighs In

It’s not unusual for alumni to air grievances about controversial administrative decisions. It’s also not uncommon for famous alumni to pay tribute to their Wesleyan experience, either in words or financial donations. But for a hugely distinguished alum to publicly criticize a major administrative decision (i.e., MoCon demolition) feels strangely unique. Matthew Weiner ’87 (or […]

MoCon: The Prequel

“A college should always be stable, but never standing still.” —James L. McConaughy, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., LL.D. In the beginning, it wasn’t called MoCon. It wasn’t even called McConaughy Hall. No, when that giant spaceship-shaped monstrosity dining hall first opened its doors in September 1962, it was simply known as the “Freshman Dining Hall.” And […]


*This post has been stickied to the top of the page. Check below for new posts.* Last semester Michael Roth revealed that the Board of Trustees was considering demolition the likeliest option for McConaughy Hall.  But now that it looks like that will actually happen! Soon! According to Physical Plant VP Joyce Topshe, Mocon is […]

Wesleying’s MoCon Retrospective: Part 2- The Food

“FOOOOOOD FIIIIIIIIGHT!!” If there was ever a cafeteria specially engineered to provide for maximum food fight carnage it would have been MoCon. Unfortunately, although I secretly hoped every day that some idiot would throw a cupcake at the wrong person, nothing of the sort happened while I was there. We actually ate the food (most […]