Spotlight: Amazing Baby

For awhile, I only ever saw or heard Amazing Baby mentioned as one among the many proliferating Brooklyn/Wesleyan bands, and usually in the same sentence as MGMT. Descriptions of their “psychedelic” music didn’t do much to distinguish them from the others, and neither did this video for “Pump Yr Brakes”. And an opportunity to form […]

EuroTour with MGMT and Amazing Baby

Up-and-coming act Amazing Baby (alums Will Roan and Simon O’Connor) will be supporting fellow Brooklyn-via-Wesleyan artists MGMT in an upcoming tour of the UK this November. Big deal! Download Amazing Baby’s EP for free at their site. [via AuralWes]

Let’s Talk about EON, Baby

Where on Earth has EON been? Where on Earth is EON going? The Environmental Organizer’ Network (EON), is a network of environmental and climate activists and a platform for furthering sustainability initiatives in our community. EON has been on a little hiatus, but it’s time we bring it back. This event is an open discussion […]

USA Today on Wes Bands, Eclectic, Elmo Costumes

User comment of the year: “AWE SWEEETTTT! Music mucho bien. TRolOlOlololol” Guys. We’re famous. Again. Remember that time Wesleyan became the “epicenter of surrealist Brooklyn pop”? The Village Voice cast an approving eye on Wesleyan’s music scene in August 2009—the dawn of my freshman year—back when MGMT was a fresh success story and Das Racist, […]

Sensing our Pulsing Speakers: Wesleyan on Daytrotter

For those not in the know: Daytrotter is a music website that specializes in three things that I care about, all really part of the same thing: live sessions with artists 7 days a week, giving away download links for these sessions for free, and really dense, crazy write-ups about these sessions that I should […]

P4K on “Arty Connecticut Liberal Arts University”

Pitchfork Gives Wesleyan its First 7.1 in Eight Years? I kid: Pitchfork may not actually rate liberal arts colleges, but if they did, I suspect Wes would rank near the top of the pile (see: MGMT, Das Racist, Santigold, Boy Crisis, Amazing Baby—Village Voice on Wes as the “epicenter of surrealist Brooklyn pop,” NME on […]

Spotlight: Youthless

Alum Alex Klimovitsky ’03 sends us greetings and info about his band Youthless. From Muso’s Guide: “Youthless is Sab and I. I play drums and sing and sometimes I play synth lines with my free hand. Sab sings and plays bass through two amps which he alternates between using a footswitch. We also use a […]

Village Voice Discovers the Wesleyan Music Scene

The Wesleyan Music Scene is gaining exposure in the American mainstream media – British periodicals NME and the Guardian have been watching this trend since last year, and the Village Voice has now picked up on it with an article examining how Wes came to be the “epicenter of surrealist Brooklyn pop”. In contrast to […]

Sign Up for Spring Fling Battle of the Bands

If you’ve got a band, join Battle of the Bands for your shot to open Spring Fling this year: Have dreams of making it in the real world like Wes favorites MGMT, Santigold, and Amazing Baby? Make those dreams a reality by opening for some of the biggest names in the music biz at Spring […]