Simchat Torah Party w/ DJ Bastille at the Bayit

From Rachel Gelman ’12: According to Wikipedia, Simchat Torah “is a celebration marking the conclusion of the annual cycle of public Torah readings, and the beginning of a new cycle.” According to the Bayit, Simchat Torah is a chance to have an awesomely mind-blowing dance party. Because God commanded us to party. So come party […]

BandCampWes: IGBEE drops his SYZYGY EP

Brewster Lee ’13, formerly known as the DJ Paradise Stomp (maybe ya caught him at Titanium a few times, eh?), has just put out his first release under his new IGBEE moniker. Flying under the hashtags #SPACEFRILLS and #NEONLOVE, the EP is connected with the Truth and Not Knowing Collective, which features other artists such […]

DJ Crook$hanks Emails Me His New Mix JUST IN TIME

Hi kids. How’s that summer treating you? Me too, me too. Anyway, Wesleyan “in every band” musician and hardworking DJ, Adrien DeFontaine ’13, also known as Crook$hanks has been putting out a mix every month this year, each consisting of songs he’s been rully vibin’ to around the time of the releases. Today’s the end […]

WestCo Cafe Rave: Middle School Dance

From Steve Jobs and Jason Kilbourne ’14: Yo. This is Steve Jobs. Believe it or not, when I was in Middle School I was a G. Backroom passes, squeezin asses, you know the deal. But you? I saw you. Bein a lil bitch, doin homework, trying to talk to girls. Remember when I asked your […]

Blacklight Party @ ADP

Taylor Goodstein ’14 wants you to cover yourself in highlighter and head to the Grotto for a real shiny time: Get ready to ‘Pump up the Volume’ for this semester’s Blacklight party! In the neon dark of the ADP Grotto, DJ Bastille plays an all original set for the FIRST TIME EVER! Also featuring the […]


This Saturday, Psi U, Rho Epsilon, and the MINDS Foundation are teaming up to bring you Ultra Music Festival. The world’s largest electronic and dance music experience is packing up shop in Miami and rolling up to Middletown, for what will be the biggest, sweatiest party of the semester. 2manyDJ’s. Mad Energy. Massive Beats. Positive […]

SHOFCO & Psi U Benefit Concert

From Shining Hope for Communities: Come to an awesome benefit show on Friday featuring: SANKOFA, THE TASTE, YEAMANN, and BASTILLE!!! Tickets are $2 at Usdan or at the door. Proceeds go to the SHOFCO Community Health Worker Program, with a total cost of $9,000. We’re so close to fully sponsoring the salaries of eight health […]