No Shave November: A Roundup

Despite a terrible WordPress glitch that subtly advertized this call for submissions about No Shave November over and over again on the Wesleying Facebook page, submissions were sparse. The beards and bodily hair, however, were not.

Call for Submissions: No Shave November

Did you grow out your body hair for No Shave November? ‘Cause I did. Send a photo of your furry self to corroborate your experience to staff[at]wesleying[dot]org with the words “No Shave November” in the subject line. Include a little something about your body hair/November experience, whether or not you want to be anonymous, and […]

Novembeards: Photo-A-Day Project

Can you feel it in the air? That chill on your newly nekkid face? Mother Nature’s cold cold hands being wrapped around your soon-to-be-Chewbacca-level beard? Well, winter is coming it’s No Shave November once more and we want to see your awesome, rugged, testosterone-fueled, punch-Chuck-Norris-and-his-ugly-mamma-in-the-face beards! I love beards, and over the years it’s become […]

WesBeards: Another Thing To Put “Wes” In Front Of

No-Shave Roundup: “My beard enjoys long walks on cold days, shampoo, and fraternizing with fellow beards.” “As to the whiskers, having never worn any, do you not think people would call it a piece of silly affection if I were to begin it now?” So wrote a beardless Abraham Lincoln to Grace Bedell, the 11-year-old […]

No Shave No Mo’: A Call For Beards

[nggallery id=27] Despite the frightfully muggy weather this week, leading researchers agree that today is, in fact, the last of November and tomorrow is, in fact, the start of Decembruary. For some, that spells despair. For others, a visceral sense of relief. The war is over. In a few shorts hours (EST), the (your) (our) […]

Beards of Glory: A No-Shave Roundup

First of all,  check out the video below. If you’re in a more musical mood, this song will suffice, with this diagram as a helpful reference point. Anyway. It’s December 7. We’ve spent a week collecting beard photo submissions from you and your filthy glorious fur-faced friends—analyzing the stubble, measuring shape and form, processing color. […]

Send In Yr Beards!

or, “Wake Me Up When Novembeard Ends” Guys. Look at the calendar. It’s almost December 1. No-Shave November’s coming to a triumphant end, and you’re getting psyched to pull out the razor and shave the decrepit muskrat off your face. From Hagrid to Bieber in ten minutes, amiright? Slow down and share the glory: if […]

Send Wesleying Pictures of Your Facial Hair

Don’t Be Shy. ;) It’s that time of year. You’ve endured, you’ve prospered. You’ve sat through your grandmother’s complaints over Thanksgiving. It is time to reap what you hath sewed. Ye bearded men, ’tis the time to reflect upon what has grown upon your face. Snap a shot of your beard, ‘stache, fu manchu, or even […]

Top Ten 2010: Wesleying’s Greatest Hits

A week past 2010, I find myself reflecting on the year in Wesleying—the highlights, the controversies, the comment explosions, and, especially, the moments that make this crazy blog more than just a bulletin board for your events. So, in the spirit of rampant year-end top ten list mania (and only slightly tardy—we’ve been, like, away […]