Boy Crisis video: “Dressed to Digress” at Wes

SORT-OF-EXCLUSIVE. Boy Crisis‘s official music video for “Dressed to Digress” was finished over the summer, but might not be officially released for awhile due to label issues. Now it’s on Youtube. LEAK. Everything in the video is Wesleyan, and it is hilarious. Directed by Ray Tintori ’06, filmed on campus and in Middletown, groupie love […]

Boy Crisis in the “Fountain of Youth”

Boy Crisis is out with their first official video, “Fountain of Youth”, directed by Jordan Fish ’06, in which the members of the band are enslaved by a pagan tribe of wild Williamsburg women, and ritually sacrificed in McCarren Pool. So yeah, it’s a series of over-the-top cliches piled all over each other, but this […]

Boy Crisis “Fountain of Youth” video shoot

If you are female and in Brooklyn this weekend, you can be in the Boy Crisis video for “Fountain of Youth”, to be directed by Jordan Fish ’06: We’re looking for female extras for a Boy Crisis video in Williamsburg, all day on SATURDAY AUGUST 8th. If you’re available this evening, there will be a […]

Boy Crisis, Dressed to Digress

Boy Crisis has a hilarious (and hilariously low-budget) unofficial video for “Dressed to Digress”, put together by Bob Weisz ’07 with outtakes from the official video and featuring Genevieve Angelson ’08 as their biggest fan. Stay tuned for the actual Ray Tintori-helmed video. Meanwhile, there is this teaser:

Boy Crisis Does Youtube

Break’s over. Ahh! Here are more fake Boy Crisis videos by Bob Weisz ’07. Boy Crisis and the possibilities of movement: Boy Crisis in Japan: Bollywood, nature, various sex acts. Some parts kind of NSFW:

Indian Superheroes Do Boy Crisis

Boy Crisis is working on an album, due sometime later this year. In the meantime, here is a remix of a demo of a new song, “Fountain of Youth”, set to one of my favorite Youtube videos of all time by Bob Weisz ’07: [via Gordon Gartrelle]

Boy Crisis in the Guardian

The Guardian profiles Boy Crisis, with an in-depth anaylsis of the group’s interpersonal dynamics, as well as their strategies for pre-emptively dealing with hipster douchebag media: With two members dating fashion designers and a look and sound that suggest their twin spiritual New York homes are notorious disco haven Studio 54 and punk mecca CBGBs, […]

Bear Hands, Boy Crisis, Bottle Up and Go

Friday night Wes alum rock show. This is the place to be if you want a Friday night rock show: BEAR HANDSAbout to tour the UK, voted top 100 bands of 2008 by AP mag.BOY CRISIS“(one of twenty five) bands making america cool again” -NME.About to tour Iceland. BOTTLE UP AND GOOld stand bys, you […]

Boy Crisisitis in Britain

Campus favorite Boy Crisis, featuring recent alumni Owen Roberts ’07 (drums), Alex Kestner ’06 (keyboard), Victor Vasquez ’06 (vocals) and Lee Pender ’07 (guitar), and Tal Rozen ’06 (vocals/bass), seems to be on the verge of breaking out.British music magazine NME featured them on its list of “25 Bands Making America Cool Again” (because British […]