Douglas Cannon Spotted in the Career Center

It’s Reunion & Commencement Weekend, which means campus is crawling with wealthy alumni; nervous soon-to-be-graduates; underclassmen working temp jobs as ushers or golf cart drivers or squatting in their senior friends’ houses; and, of course, Wesleyan dads. In between all the snoozing on Usdan couches, schmoozing on Foss Hill, engaging in Senior Week shenanigans, chasing after famous […]

Nicholas Payton Trio featuring Gerald Cannon and Herlin Riley

The submission we got from the CFA was literally one sentence, so this is copied from the CFA page for this event: Grammy Award-winning trumpet virtuoso and multi-instrumentalist Nicholas Payton was born into a musical family in New Orleans. After touring with Elvin Jones, Mr. Payton made his major-label recording debut as a leader in 1994. Since then, Mr. Payton […]

The Douglas Cannon Resurfaces

The Douglas Cannon, a 140-pound brass cannon that is periodically stolen and returned to Wesleyan for a cult ritual I don’t understand, has resurfaced. I got an e-mail on Friday with the photo above and the following message: The official base of the Douglas Cannon is between South College and the Memorial Chapel, though it’s […]

Douglas Cannon Comes to Zelnick

Continuing a recent Finals Week tradition of sorts, the Cannon Society sends word of a special cameo in Zelnick this week: Happy Holidays! We know finals can be a stressful time, but we thought we’d spread a little holiday cheer. Please visit Zelnick sometime before Wednesday for a spirited surprise. All the best, The Cannon […]

Douglas Cannon Spotted in Zelnick

According to Wesleyan’s Facebook page, the famed  Douglas Cannon made a surprise appearance on campus earlier this afternoon. Thirty-one years after being baked into Wesleyan’s sesquicentennial birthday cake in 1981—and about 18 months after this Douglas Cannon holiday card—the 140-pound, 29-inch long instrument sat on display in Zelnick Pavilion for a few quiet hours. According […]

CannonTalk?! with the infamous Douglas Cannon

From Douglas Cannon (yes, the cannon hirself emailed us): DouglasCannon is back. DouglasCannon wants to speak to you. DouglasCannon says, come hither, and I’ve missed you, Wesleyan. The Douglas Cannon has historically been a powerful symbol in Wesleyan history and has been involved in a variety of historical events and pranks around the country. For […]

Douglas Cannon is On Campus!

Exciting news: the Douglas motherfuckin’ Cannon has made a triumphant return to campus for the first time since 2007! Full tip, from the artifact itself: To Whom it May Concern, I’m back on campus after a brief hiatus and I just wanted to let the Wesleyan student body know that I’ve returned. It seems that […]

Douglas Cannon!

The Douglas Cannon made a brief appearance at the inauguration reception today. I snapped a couple of photos of it at 4:45, and it was gone by 5:15. The PSafe officer tasked with guarding the cannon said that it had “just shown up” a half hour previous, and he expected that “they” would probably come […]

check out the cannon!

Honorary Degree recipient Alan Dachs ’70, P’98 speaking in front of the Douglas Cannon at commencement. Photo credit: Bill Burkhart Taken from The Wesleyan Connection website.