All Campus Email: Daniel Handler Withdraws as Commencement Speaker, Anita Hill to Speak

Around 4 PM today, President Roth sent out an email update notifying campus that Daniel Handler ’92 has stepped down from delivering the Commencement Speech for the Class of 2018. Dr. Anita Hill will instead be delivering the address at the event. This decision follows Sarah Chen Small ’18‘s write-in as well as the her leading a student response which involved #CancelHandler posters […]

Daniel Handler ’92 Reads at Russell House

From the folks at the Russell House Series: Bestselling author Daniel Handler will read from his new work on Thursday, February 5th, 2015 at 8:00 p.m. in Wesleyan University’s Memorial Chapel, 221 High Street, Middletown, CT. This event is free and open to the public, no tickets required. A book signing will follow the reading and books will be available […]

This Week in Daniel Handler ’92

You probably know him better as Lemony Snicket (author of the incredibly successful A Series of Unfortunate Events books), but Wesleyan alum Daniel Handler ’92 has been in the news quite a bit for the past week or two. The downside? It hasn’t always been in the most positive light. So, let’s break it down.

Lemony “Daniel Handler ’92” Snicket Plots Comeback

“These books are questionable and contain questions.” Great news for every moderately nerdy 20-something who came of literary age in the early ‘2000s. (Hey. That’s you, broseph.) In between defending Occupy Wall Street, waxing philosophic on literary theory, and jamming with Magnetic Fields, elusive Unfortunate Events-plotmaker and occasional Butts resident Lemony “Daniel Handler ’92” Snicket […]

Daniel Handler ’92: “I’m Not Afraid of Patchouli”

“I was puzzled by people’s puzzlement over it, because it seems pretty simple to me.” Last month Lemony “Daniel Handler” Snicket ’92 joined the laundry list of WesCelebs weighing in on the Occupy Wall Street movement, publishing on the Occupy Writers site a characteristically titled list of “Thirteen Observations made by Lemony Snicket while watching […]

Alumni Adventures II: An interview with Daniel Handler ’92

‘ For one thing, I’m always mystified by discussions of likable characters. Characters are in books; you’re not going to have lunch with them. Moreover, the best books are full of trouble, so the characters are either in trouble or causing it. Most people aren’t likable in such situations.

Even if by “likable” we just mean “characters we enjoy reading about,” rather than “characters who seem like people we’d like,” then we’re not really talking about characters at all. Otherwise, the characters would be fully portable, and readers would find Lady Macbeth equally compelling in a Harlequin novel and in Macbeth. ‘

– Lemondo Snucker, author of The Tupping Point

#CancelHandler18 Posters Appear All Over Campus

On Monday, posters like the one above were put up all over campus, including on most (if not all) senior house doors. The posters call for the removal of Daniel Handler ’92 as Commencement Speaker after repeated instances of racism and sexual harassment. They also call attention to the fact that Dr. Anita Hill, who is known […]

2019 Honorary Degree Recipients Announced: Hartman ’84, Carby, & Sanders ’69

In an email this morning, President Roth ’76 announced this year’s Commencement Speaker will be Saidiya Hartman ’84 (above). Reverend Edwin C. Sanders II ’69 (left) and Former Wesleyan Professor Hazel V. Carby (right) will also receive honorary degrees at the University’s 187th Commencement. This seems to be the first time in a while that Roth has actually read the room […]

2018: A Very Wesleying Year in Review

To say it’s been a wild year would be an insult to things that deserve the title “wild.” But, here we are, a month into reflecting and trying to understand what even happened in 2018, publishing this article to try to find some sense. And what other than to write about a year at an […]

Unofficial Orientation 2018: Rage Update

Wes is known for its history of activism. Rage update outlines all public activism that occurred on campus in the past academic year. It seems to have become an every other year sort of thing for us with our first article in 2014, our second in 2016, and now our third in 2018.  All articles […]