What a Crazy Random Happenstance: Both Ex-Members of Das Racist, and Amanda Palmer, Drop Music Videos in Same Week

I bet you guys called each other up and coordinated it. Don’t lie. I know you did. Himanshu Suri ’07 (Heems) and Victor Vazquez ’06 (Kool A.D.) were Das Racist, Wesleyan (and critic)’s favorite slack-rap duo. And then suddenly they weren’t. That’s about all the history about those two I’m gonna give you, because let’s be […]

Sit Down, Man: Das Racist Is Over

Want to reflect on Das Racist’s bizarre trip from campus to Conan? Check out the first ever Wesleying post on the duo. We interrupt this broadcast (and my, err, thesis) to bring you sad news. Das Racist, the unlikely slacker-rap pairing of Heems (Himanshu Suri ’07) and Kool A.D. (Victor Vazquez ’06) that seems to […]

A Day in the Life of Das Racist

Director Morgan Spurlock’s (best known for Super Size Me) “A Day in the Life” Hulu series followed Das Racist (Victor Vazquez ’06, Himanshu Suri ’07) around for a day. Thanks, Hulu “A Day in the Life” series! Stuyvesant High School shout out at 3:22, Wesleyan shout out at 4:09 and 4:32. Highlight: meeting with composer Philip […]

Soul Train feat. Victor Vazquez of Das Racist

From Eclectic: In honor of Black History Month, Eclectic presents Soul Train on Friday, February 17th. Come celebrate the longest running television program in history. Bust out your bell bottoms, tube tops, and dancing shoes, and get down on the Soul Train Line. Special guest performances will be provided by Victor Vazquez ’06 (Kool A.D.) […]

Sasquatch! Doesn’t Really Get Das Racist

This is a post about Das Racist’s Sasquatch! Festival blurb, which turns out to be just a minor variation on every DR press blurb, but is still amusing enough to post here. Also, our obligatory “Das Racist Is Being Das Racist Again” post of the week. Skip it if you prefer ACTUAL PRESSING NEWS. For […]

Dismemberment Plan + Das Racist = ???

A life of pastabilities? Not quite. I fucking love the Dismemberment Plan. You probably love Das Racist. Combine the two, and the results are about as awkward as you’d imagine. No, there’s no collab in the works—just some video footage (above) of the recently reunited veteran DC band paying homage to an unlikely contemporary influence: […]

Fake Michael Roth, Meet Fake Das Racist

If President Roth gets his own fake Twitter persona, why not Das Racist? This one’s a bit more up front about its purposes. Some choice sample tweets: Equal opportunity, gated community, diplomatic immunitity, set the TiVo for Community; but not Outsourced, shit’s boorish and coarse Shoutout to Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Turkey – I’m a […]

Das Racist Rapper Ranked 25th Best Artist Twitter

Welcome to the 2010s. We blog about other pop culture sites’ numerical rankings of musical artists’ Twitter accounts. In this way, we give our lives meaning. In this instance, two notable Wes alums—Himanshu Suri ’07 of Das Racist and Amanda Palmer ’98 of Dresden Dolls—make the cut, on Pitchfork’s Top 40 Artist Twitters. Suri, at […]

Das Racist on DKE, Richard Slotkin’s Retirement, Olin

Following up on their personalized publicity campaign, the strangely-named MTV Iggy interviews Das Racist on all Wesleyan topics.  But I can’t introduce this clip better than they did: “Westco. Butt B. Anthony Braxton. The Argus. The Ampersand. If these words mean anything at all to you, you probably attended Wesleyan University in grim, grim Middeltown, […]