Doonesbury/Wes Coverage from NY Times Blog

The New York Times’ Arts Beat blog published a solid roundup of last week’s hilarious Wes-related Doonesbury comic strip, which you should obviously scroll through if you missed it the first time. The cartoons explicitly satirize the administration’s 2008 decision to require that Westco change the name of its two annual music festivals, Zonker Harris […]

Doonesbury Update: The Plot Thickens

This may be my personal favorite thus far. As Zonker gets filled in on the debate, will he intervene? Will he take action? Will he address this horrible oppression and injustice that has occurred unbeknown-st to him until this point? ALL THIS AND MORE WILL BE REVEALED IN THE NEXT ISSUE (Dun Dun DUH)… Check […]


WestCo’s two annual music festivals, 8th Day of the Week and Ze-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named-Day, were at one point referred to as Duke Day and Zonker Harris Day, an homage to characters in Garry Trudeau’s nationally circulated, Pulitzer Prize winning comic strip, Doonesbury. Wesleyan’s administration insisted WestCo change the names several years ago, with the impetus being psychedelic […]

Repost: “Hey, Prefrosh: Stay for Saturday”

As noted a few days ago, Wesleying’s A-Batte wrote a plea for prefrosh to stay for Zonker Harris Day and 4/20 and posted it on the Admissions’ “Voices” blog. It was subsequently removed by Admissions staffers, who felt it would be more appropriate for Wesleying. It’s no longer timely for prefrosh, but it is a fun and […]

Tanlines to Headline Zonker Harris Day 2012

Dashing WestCovian devil child Cal Hickox ’15 writes in about an incomparable WesFest classic that’s here to stay, alternative names be damned. This time around electro-pop duo Tanlines is headlining, set to talk the stage after (and before) sets by a veritable kaleidoscope of prolific WesBands (some of whom performed last year too). The weather’s […]