Health Center: Fecal Matter –> Vomiting, Diarrhea

The first thing I think of when I see the word “diarrhea.” At 11:38 AM today (Tuesday, January 31), an email went out to all students on campus entitled “Norovirus Advisory.” Like me, a lot of people probably looked at this, saw things about being sick, said “Wow, this is long, and I don’t really […]

Noro is Back

PSA: Stop reading Wesleying and wash your hands. Again. This is not a drill. Anyone who caught the plague last semester may have been lulled into a false sense of security, but be warned: the unwelcome invader that had you leaning over a toilet last spring (on a weeknight) is back for a sequel, and […]

WestCo Cafe Rave: 80s Edition

WestCo is throwing its first dancealicious rave of the semester, and Ryan Gardner ’15 implores you to leave your fecal/oral transmission at the door (but do shake your booty twice to make up for what we missed tonight). Can you guess what the theme is? WestCo is throwing its first cafe rave of the new […]

Gastro Virus to Wesleyan: “Sup Poop-Eaters?”

Stop reading Wesleying and go wash your hands. Last week the health center casually let us know that gastroenteritis (aka “stomach flu” aka “living hell in your bowels”) was making its rounds around Boston campuses and local healthcare facilities. A few cases had popped up at Wesleyan. No biggie. Don’t panic. Just a heads up. […]

Typhoid Wes-y

It’s a lame post title, but a serious topic, and I’m not entirely clear on why the health center has not sent out a campus-wide bulletin. The information is this: a Wesleyan student who would probably rather remain anonymous returned to her home in Mexico, finding not long afterwards that the sickness she had been […]