Photos: “Chalk de Franzia” Lands on Wesleyan Sidewalks

If Tour de Franzia happens outside of Fisk Hall on a Friday afternoon and only about five people show up, does it make a sound? (And can you still get slapped with six judicial points?) Continuing its brief but noble history of stirring the pot, the mysteriously run @WesUnity Twitter (which drew eyeballs when it announced last […]

“What the Fuck Is The Administration Doing About Tour de Franzia?”: An FAQ

Military-style checkpoints, email campaigns, and Jezebel features, oh my. Maybe you thought the administration would reign in its attempts to stop Tour de Franzia after being publicly skewered everywhere from MSN to Gawker-owned feminist snarkfest Jezebel to something calling itself “BroBible.” You were wrong. If anything, after begging your parents to stop the mayhem, the […]

Dean Whaley: Administration to Ramp Up Tour de Franzia Charges, Whether or Not You’re Actually Drinking

It’s the most wonderful time of year… Thought you’d get through April without an ominous email from the administration about Tour de Franzia? Think again. By this point last year Dean Mike Whaley had already emailed your parents about the annual wine-fueled shit-show of a scavenger hunt, and the rest of the administration had quietly […]

P-Safe Drops Franzia “Awareness Report”

“PSafe post-modern liveblogging ftw” You post incriminating Facebook photos, P-Safe posts an “Awareness Log.” So it goes. As usual, if you’re wondering what Wesleyan’s Public Safety staff was up to while you were belligerently chugging boxed wine up and down College Row in a homespun Kraftwerk costume, check out the Awareness Log on P-Safe’s website. […]

Administrative Views on Tour de Franzia

The university tried this year, harder than ever, to prevent Tour de Franzia before it began. It failed. Franzia popped off last night—with a few more class deans and ResLife staff than usual, and probably a few more SJB summons as well. Here’s a glimpse back at the university’s widespread email campaign imploring you not […]

Forum on Tour de Franzia

Apparently scrolling through the P-Safe “Awareness” Log wasn’t quite reflective enough. And apparently six months (more or less) is never too early to get the ball rolling (sup, @WesPartyGuy?).  The WSA is officially throwing down hosting a forum on Tour de Franzia this Tuesday in PAC: Please join the WSA and the Office of Student […]

Dean Whaley Expresses Franzia “Concerns,” Plans to “Pursue Judicial Charges”

Remember the administrative aftermath of last year’s Tour de Franzia? Here’s the short version: the University fined the residents of 1 Pearl Place $2,000 in campus damage for having “organized” the event–and threatened to withhold diplomas if they didn’t pay up. Their charge: creating the Tour de Franzia Facebook event. Here’s the Wesleying post extolling […]

2010 Tour de Franzia a Success

Good job, everyone! Way to show that bagged & boxed wine who’s boss. In the interest of cutting the grounds crew some slack and keeping Wes clean, pick up a few abandoned boxes around campus. And for goodness’ sake drink some water.