A “Science Fiction Audition” by Fleisher ’99

Jacob Fleisher ’99 writes in to let current Wes Students know that it’s only a matter of time before he stars on the latest Stargate spinoff or is fighting Sharktopi along side Lorenzo Lamas. Here is Fleisher’s Science Fiction Audition Tape, which was directed and edited by Nick Hoffa ’98. As Fleisher explains it: My […]

New Comedy Video by Fleisher ’99

Jacob Fleisher ’99—Los Angeles’ self-proclaimed “tallest working screenwriter”—sends in a clever new short posted over at Atom.com, inspired by his years at Wesleyan. This one depicts an introductory “Ransom Note-Writing Workshop” gone terribly awry. Fleisher explains: I’m pretty sure Professor Anne Greene and the Wesleyan Writer’s Workshop were 100% responsible for me making this video. […]

Where Are They Now

On the subject (sort of) of the consumption of fecal matter comes a short on CollegeHumor entitled “The Truth About Werewolves.” Written and directed by our own Jacob Fleisher ’99—previously featured on this blog in similar capacities–the bit takes an *ahem* interesting approach to the subject matter. The dichotomy he builds against his previous opus, Intercourse with […]

“Turbo Alpha Edge”: A Parody

Jacob Fleisher ’99 writes in from the dawn of time: My name is Jacob Fleisher. I’m a comedy writer living in LA. I just posted this video—a commercial parody—and thought maybe you’d want to share it with your readers. The short can be described as an incredibly informative bonanza regarding a revolution in grooming, and […]

Vampires don’t get old, unless you date one

From Jacob Fleisher ’99: For all of you with Vampire Fever, or Twilight Flu or New Moon H1N1 virus, 3 Wes alums got together and made this vampire web series about all things fangish. Study hard so one day you can graduate and go poor making internet content. INTERCOURSE WITH A VAMPIRE Jacob Fleisher ’99, […]

Comedy Central Video by Alum ’99

Last we reported on Jacob Fleicher ’99, the comedy writer and self-proclaimed “tallest working screenwriter” in LA was depicting fictional “Ransom Note-Writing Workshops” inspired by Professor Anne Greene and the Wesleyan Writers’ Workshop. This week Fleicher sends in a new video–less immediately relevant to Wes, but with some familiar themes, music by David Cope ’00, […]