Nakhla ’13 Releases New Music Video, Signs “Charlie Brown”

Mark Nakhla ’13, ASL music video superstar, released a beautiful new video to Coldplay’s “Charlie Brown” yesterday. It is the latest addition to his growing repertoire of artistically-composed videos. You may remember his interpretations of Drake’s “Headlines” and Jay-Z and Kanye’s “No Church in the Wild,” both of which went viral and have over 20,000 […]

Nakhla ’13 Signs “No Church in the Wild” in Church, Wild

Mark Nakhla ’13, the Wes junior who casually taught himself American Sign Language as a freshman and garnered viral attention earlier this year for his sleek ASL video interpretation of Drake’s “Headlines,” is back with his most elaborate sign video yet. This time around, Nakhla sticks to hip hop and goes with Jay-Z and Kanye’s […]

Nakhla ’13 Learns ASL, Also Learns Drake

Wesleyan junior Mark Nakhla ’13 picked up American Sign Language as a freshman. In the years since, Nakhla has spent a considerable amount of time and effort signing videos for the deaf and hard of hearing community, including Backstreet Boys’ “The Call,”  Katy Perry’s “Fireworks,” and OneRepublic’s “Secrets”—basically your average WESU playlist. Most of the videos […]

WeSlam Presents: The Wesleyan 2012 Grand Slam

WeSlam wants you to know that this is your LAST CHANCE (this semester) to have your mind blown away by a night of incalcuable awesome: This is it. Only 12 poet-finalists remain from the three preliminary slams held over the course of the semester. This Saturday at 9:00 PM they will compete in the CFA Hall […]

Choi ’12 Dance-Off: “What Makes You Beautiful”

Esteemed Wesleying blogger emeritus sneakergaze sends word of yet another viral sensation clogging up the Wesleyan YouTube channels: a dance video to One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful,” starring Sam Choi ’12 and filmed by Brian Lau ’12. Fans of Mark Nakhla ’13’s sign language music videos will recall Choi’s intense spotlight in “No Church in […]