Martin Benjamin’s Wespeak: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

Earlier this week I linked to Martin Benjamin ’57’s  latest Wespeak (wherein he pretty much directly accuses President Roth and Muslim Chaplain Marwa Aly of being terrorist sympathizers) and discussed Benjamin in general—his language, his seemingly relished notoriety, and his tenuous relationship with Wesleyan as both a student body and some sort of abstract representation […]

Martin Benjamin ’57 Returns, Offends Pretty Much Everyone

Also: has apparently explored the “slippery entrails” of President Roth’s mind. Full story at 6:00. Class of 2014, meet Martin Benjamin ’57. I’ll be honest. When some friends at The Argus told me that Benjamin had stopped by the office to hand-deliver his latest Wespeak, I was excited. I love me some Martin Benjamin—like, in […]

Martin Benjamin ’57 Strikes Back

This Tuesday’s Argus brought to campus the vicious return of über-conservative favorite Martin Benjamin ’57. His semi-coherent latest Wespeak is “An Open Letter to Roth,” wherein he lashes out against Senator Edward Kennedy Hon ’84 and, at one point, likens President Roth to “a teeny-bopper who’d just been goosed by her first crush.” (Quote of […]

Martin Benjamin Unmasked (Sort of)

Martin Benjamin ’57, the curmudgeonly alumnus who has developed quite a reputation in recent years as a sharp critic of liberal Wesleyan culture in open letters to the Argus, apparently has a softer side. When he’s not writing bitter, condescending Wespeaks, he is an artist with a penchant for photographing leaves. Liz Tung of the […]

How to Respond to Martin Benjamin ’57

Ok, it’s fairly obvious that Martin Benjamin has nothing better to do than write bitter, angry Wespeaks because his life peaked in Old Wes. He carefully reads each and every Argus, picking out ammunition for his next bout of conservative diarrhea. Mr. Benjamin loves taking anecdotal evidence, generalizing it and then applying it to the […]

Wesleyingiversary: On the Third Year, Our Dear Leader Returns

“I’m a…professional…media…person…asshole. I don’t know.” This is part of our series of Wesleyingiversary interviews. You can find the rest here. A core element of any Wesleying lore is talk of Our Former Dear Leader Zach. It has been three years since he last graced our presence. And now he rises from retirement to do this […]

Report: Running For Board of Trustees Sort Of Like Running for the WSA, But For Old People

Reveal yourself, Trustee-Candidates-Who-Didn’t-Make-It-Onto-The-Ballot. We know you’re out there. You know what it’s like to run for the WSA (it’s okay, we were all freshmen once), but do you know what it’s like to run for the Board of Trustees, Wesleyan’s most elite secret society? According to a recent post on WesConnect, six alumni are in […]

From the Special Collections and Argives: An Awesome Picture of Richard Nixon at Wesleyan in 1956

Yes, the same Richard Nixon. Do you keep up with the library’s Special Collections and Archives blog? If that’s a no, you may have missed archivist Leith Johnson’s “Pick of the Week,” which depicts then-Vice President Richard Nixon’s momentous visit to Wesleyan on October 18, 1956. Here’s your bi-weekly reminder that an institution of higher learning […]

Happy Birthday, Michael S. Roth ’78!

In celebrating President Roth’s birthday, we are sharing a timeline of his illustrious life. Springtime is in the air and Foss Hill is alive with cheer on this glorious April day, a day full of historic occasions, none of them so grandiose as the 56th birthday of everyone’s favorite part-time university administrator and full-time historian […]