Scenes From the Tent Party: The Heems-Miranda-MGMT Alumni Complex

Q: What’s more Wesleyan than a Commencement Eve Tent Party featuring cameos by Das Racist’s Himanshu “Heems” Suri ’07, playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda ’02, and a wedding-style funk cover of “Kids”? A: Probably nothing. We’re late on posting this, but hey, it’s summer, we straight-chillin’. We don’t have video of Heems dropping a brief verse before […]

Beavis & Butthead on MGMT: “Is this Sixteen and Pregnant?”

America’s premier Dumbass Duo is back, just in time for a double dose of 1994 all up in your Halloweekend. Season 8, Episode 1 premiered last night—the first new episode since 1997—and brought with it a little bit of Wellesleyan. Check above for a probingly insightful critique of MGMT’s “Kids,” directed by Ray Tintori ’06, […]

MGMT To Perform Unique “Musical Experience” at the Guggenheim

This just in from P4k Media Corps: The MGMTs, apparently desiring a change of pace from Bowery Ballroom and MHall Williamsburg, will be performing two unique “musical experience” performances at the Guggenheim Museum on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The shows, which are scheduled for November 10 and 11,  are in honor of the Guggenheim’s Maurizio […]

Time MGMT Workshop This Sunday

It’s already stuck in your head, so, uh, might as well add some Wes history to the mix. Learn how to MG yr time (to pretend?), and I swear this is indeed the title Gabriela De Golia ’13 provided with this post: Want to make sure you know some efficient ways to organize your already-very-busy […]

PS22 Chorus covers MGMT’s “Kids”

Consider this your daily reminder that MGMT went to Wes, late-October edition: the high-spirited fifth-graders of Staten Island’s famous PS22 Chorus 2011 covered MGMT’s “Kids” a couple weeks ago, complete with a feisty young drummer: According to a post on PS22’s blog, this particular video has received the thumbs-up from Perez Hilton, Billboard Magazine and […]

Your Daily Reminder That MGMT Went To Wes

Spinner ranks the Top 20 Universities Rated for their Musical Alumni. Not shockingly, we make the cut at a respectable #13. Thanks, MGMT, Amanda Palmer of Dresden Dolls, Grateful Dead lyricist John Perry Barlow, Dar Williams, and nerdcore artist MC Frontalot! We do, however, lose out to the University of Miami (really?), because people apparently […]

MGMT Weighs In On Wes Applications Increase

“It’s definitely more due to us . . . I think.” Also, DKE parties described as “tea, knitting, mutual handjobs, stuff like that.” Enjoy . . . if you can tolerate Nardwuar‘s grating interview style, that is. Thanks to anonymous shoutboxer for the tip.