Annual Dance Showcase

From Stellar ‘still my roommate-friend’ Levy ’15: Come check out many of Wesleyan’s incredible dance groups as they showcase their work and announce upcoming auditions! There will be hip hop, contemporary, modern, ballet, step, breakdancing, African dance, dancehall, and much more. Party starts 10pm and the first group goes on at 10:30pm sharp. Performances by: Precision Troupe and Ensemble Fusion Xtacy Terp Core […]

Photos: Precision Troupe Performance

This week’s edition of “Mike Nakhla ’13 Takes Some Pretty Excellent Photos and We Lazily Repost Them For You” features the April 19 dance performance by Precision Troupe, one of Wesleyan’s oldest dance companies, which performs once a year in a party setting. These shots were taken at Psi U. For more of Nakhla’s work, […]

Photos: Spring Terpsichore Show

Noted campus photographer Mike Nakhla ’13 got some excellent shots at last weekend’s Terpsichore performance, as he is wont to do. The complete album is on Facebook; you can also check it out below. For more of Nakhla’s photography, click here or check out his website.

Photo Evidence: Fusion & X-Tacy Dance

Did anyone know that Mike Nakhla ’13 takes photos? Mike Nakhla ’13 takes photos. In between his grueling schedule of wedding crashing doing wedding photography and getting into med school, Nakhla sent us this sweet photo set from last weekend’s Club FX performance in Exley, described as “hottest dance show Wesleyan has ever seen. But […]

Photos: Terpsichore Fall Show

Resident campus photo menace Mike Nakhla ’13 just sent over this batch of unsurprisingly fantastic shots of Terpsichore’s entirely student-produced show last night. As Terp tradition goes, anyone can choreograph, and everyone who auditioned got to be in at least one piece. Stupidly, I missed it, but according to Sam Melvin ’13, the show featured […]

Scenes From Taiko Spring Concert

There were a lot of photos taken on this campus last night. Turns out they didn’t all involve boxed wine and P-Safe running matches. Campus photo menace Mike Nakhla ’13 sends in some stunning shots from the “thunderous and exhilarating” WesTaiko Spring Concert, which took place last night in Crowell under the direction of Kaoru […]


Or, “Make some noise, Connecticut! I gotta catch a muhfuckin’ flight!” HAI WEZZLEYIN DID U GUYZ HAV GUD SPRING FLING? The weather surprised us all, Walkmen and Ghost/Rae delivered the respective goods, and Wavves sort of maybe behaved himself (kinda). Belated congrats to Social Committee and all else involved in making this day not suck: […]

Scenes From Bandfire: Blooming Youth and Prometheus

Local photo maestro Mike Nakhla ’13, whose professional photography has graced the pages of this blog more than once before (tying the knot? Mike does weddings, too), sends in a few fantastic shots from yesterday’s Bandfire on the hill. Performances by student groups included an eclectic mix of underclassmen faves (sup, Cheenis & the Romp?), […]