God Indeed Blessed America: Lin-Manuel Miranda ’02 Freestyled with President Barack Obama

Skip ahead to the 53-minute mark to see the cast of Hamilton perform. We were freaking the fuck out when Wesleyan mascot Lin-Manuel Miranda ’02 freestyled on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, but holy shit balls this dude is freestyling with THE PRESIDENT OF THE GODDAMN UNITED STATES OF ‘MERICA. The cast of Miranda’s smash hit Hamilton did […]

Lin-Manuel Miranda ’02 on In The Heights and More

Last night in the CFA Hall, Lin-Manuel Miranda ’02 spoke about the origin of his Tony-award-winning 2008 musical In the Heights and other creative endeavors. The talk, entitled “When You’re Home: A Look Back on the Origins of In the Heights” and sponsored by the Theater Department and CFA, spanned everything from a musical performed in the Westco […]

Lin-Manuel Miranda ’02 TV Show Debuts Tonight

In other news, he never stops killin’ it. Lin-Manuel Miranda ’02, rapper-slash-playwright-slash-romantic-slash-flash-mob-connoisseur…turned-actor, is debuting tonight in a recurring role on NBC’s Do No Harm, a modern take on Robert Louis Stevenson’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  No word yet on whether Wishbone will be making a guest appearance in the show.  The show will air on NBC at […]

Lin-Manuel Miranda ’02: Back on Campus, Back on Twitter

It seems like only a few months since playwright and In The Heights creator Lin-Manuel Miranda ’02 was last on campus, tweeting his every move up and down College Row. Last night, Miranda made his way to the Rooks’ Eclectic show and had this to say: He also brilliantly references “Party on Fountain” in #hashtag […]

Lin-Manuel Miranda ’02 On Campus, Misses Wes

This just in from Wesleying’s faithful Idaho correspondent Keelin Ryan ’14: Lin-Manual Miranda ’02 [In The Heights creator, all-around badass] is on campus to visit my playwriting class. Also, Emma just ran into him at Neon Deli and he’s going to tweet a picture of the two of them to Susan Blackwell. So, err, yeah. […]

Lin-Manuel Miranda Raps About Alexander Hamilton (Again)

Lin-Manuel Miranda ’02, whose rap on Alexander Hamilton received a standing ovation from POTUS and FLOTUS at the White House’s evening of Poetry, Music and the Spoken Word in May 2009 (video link), has been taking his act further. He performed recently to rave reviews at the Lincoln Center’s new season of the American Songbook […]

Lin-Manuel Miranda to appear on Modern Family

Tony award-winning Broadway musical with a movie adaptation in the works, check. Grammy award win, check. Co-founding a improvisational hip-hop comedy group that does really fun and dynamic shows, including one on our own campus last year, check. Sharing screentime on a popular medical drama with no less than HUGH LAURIE, check. Gig at The […]

Lin-Manuel Miranda raps at the White House

Lin-Manuel Miranda ’02 performed at the White House evening of Poetry, Music, and the Spoken Word in May, which was a big deal. Now here’s a video of it, in which he raps about Alexander Hamilton in the voice of Aaron Burr. So dope. Watch Barack and Michelle snap along, and give Lin a standing […]