Mytheos Holt Weighs in on the Affirmative Action Bake Sale

With all the activism and discussion going on around campus recently, such as about race, upperclassmen might have had an empty feeling at the bottom of their stomachs.  It wasn’t like this before.  Something… maybe you didn’t know what… was missing from this political discussion compared to ones in previous years. The answer is: Mytheos Holt […]

Anti-Scalia Wespeaks: reactions, aggression, and Mytheos o.0?

In case you didn’t pick up the Argus yesterday (or up to this point, for that matter), you probably didn’t get to see the rather interestingly formatted multi-singular-plural-whatever Wespeak penned by a number of Wesstudents (and an alum) speaking out against Scalia’s impending visit to Wesleyan. Now, when it first came out, our Dear Leader […]

Mytheos to Wes: “You Been Trolled, Bitches”

The title of this post is the headline of an entirely satirical Ampersand piece I wrote a few weeks ago, wherein Mytheos Holt ’10 declares himself “the ultimate troll”  and reveals his entire conservative persona to be “a sick four-year-long joke”: “You been trolled, bitches!” announced the History and Government double major in a final […]

In Depth: WesRepublicans Return to Campus

Connecticut got into the political battle this past Tuesday with a close Governor’s race and a handful of local races, but the Wesleyan campus has been just as connected as ever. In some ways, students have been even more involved recently—after years of inactivity, the Wesleyan Republican Committee was resurrected this September and now boasts […]

Newsweek: “Diversity U. Makes a U-Turn” on Activism and Ideals

Newsweek used this photo in their article to contrast the liberal values that the school likes to think it has with the conservative mindset it actually practices. Maybe Wesleyan University learned a lesson today: Not all press is good press. Today’s in-depth and certainly unflattering Newsweek article by Katie Baker (who wrote that Jezebel piece in May ridiculing […]

Highlights from the WSA Write-Ins

First, a disclaimer. The results from this year’s WSA Winter At-Large Election are not nearly as exciting as those from last year, when, in addition to Giant Joint’s victory, Wesleying’s A-Batte unexpectedly won a spot on the Assembly as a write-in candidate (he took his seat and served honorably before resigning at the close of […]

Halloweesleying Costume Roundup

If you’re still confused about when Halloweekend happened, that’s probably because it happened approximately three times: once last weekend, once the previous weekend, and again during that hurricane that seems to have caused serious damage everywhere but Middletown. Throughout all the madness, we collected Halloween costume photos from you, occasionally offering prizes in return. (JK, […]

WESTROSPECTIVE: A Decade Without Chalking, Part One

Ten years ago, Doug Bennet ’59 declared war on chalk. In a multi-post series, we’re looking back. On October 3, 2002, President Douglas J. Bennet ’59 sent an email to Wesleyan students, faculty, and administrators. It contained 335 words, but the message was brief: the chalking on campus, much of it sexually explicit, had gone […]

Wesleyan Students for a Free Society Meeting

Charlie “Not Mytheos Holt” Smith ’15 welcomes you to the inauguratory meeting of the Wesleyan Students for a Free Society: Interested in economics, policy, philosophy or discussion? Do you have a sneaking suspicion that governments don’t function very well? Sick of hearing from the two main political parties? Come to Wesleyan Students for a Free […]