“Need Blind Now!” Graffiti Hits South College

Chalking was so 2013. Bold saboteurs took to the rear wall of South College over the past weekend to tag the words “Need Blind Now!” to the brownstones. The writing, which appeared Sunday morning, represents an escalation in casual chalking graffiti to spray paint, which is virtually non-existent on this campus; it also represents a break in […]

Fit To Print: Wesleyan Need Blind Struggles Covered in NYT

What’s the Twittersphere saying about the Times piece? Click past the jump. A weekend New York Times article covers Wesleyan’s change in admissions policy, giving a national and international platform to some of the activism surrounding need blind here on campus. With little communication to the alumni and larger Wesleyan community about the recent change […]

Need Blind: Parents Weekend Meeting

Resident rabble-rouser Ben “Doernbeard” Doernberg ’13 is at it again, and he needs your help: This weekend is Homecoming/Parents Weekend, and there is no better time to make sure everybody is informed about the issue of need-blind/need-aware admissions! Tomorrow night (Thursday) at 9 pm we will begin preparations (folding flyers, decorating signs and banners, etc). […]

Need Blind Wes: All Chalked Up with Nowhere To Go

#YOHNBAO: You Only Have Need Blind Admissions Once Though the above picture might appear, at first glance, to be an elaborate illustration of the considerable confusion a freshman might have had, had ze missed yesterday’s building code post, that confusion remains undocumented. In actuality, those scrawls of gypsum mark the debut of chalking for the class […]

HIST398: Need Blind Admissions and the Modern Production of the History of Activism

Happy “Why is Water on Everything Outside?” Day, dear readers. Sunday’s informational and planning meeting concerning the upcoming need blind policy change totally happened. To briefly summarize: the meeting began with a summary of the proposed rollback and the logic behind it, and was then followed by elaborations, connections, and a range of perspectives from students […]

Livestreaming Now: Need Blind Admissions Meeting

As previously posted, there is a Need Blind Admissions Meeting—hosted by Zach Malter ’13, along with the WSA and the UOC—happening right now in Usdan 108. If you can’t make it but want to tune in over the interwebs, Ben Doernberg ’13 has set up a livestream via USTREAM. The stream will continue from now […]

Need Blind Admissions Meeting with the UOC and WSA

Between Commencement demonstrations, meme blogs, and emergency task forces, it’s been a busy summer for need blind-related activism. WSA President Zach Malter ’13, who has made the issue a public priority, invites you to celebrate the start of classes with an informational meeting, co-sponsored by the WSA and the UOC: Did you know that President […]

Josh Krugman ’14 Speaks at Senior Reception about Need-Blind

On Tuesday, December 3, there was a senior class reception held by SWAG (Seniors of Wesleyan Annual Gift) in Beckham Hall. At the reception, a number of administrators gave speeches about why students should give to Wesleyan. And then, Josh Krugman ’14 got up and gave a speech about need-blind, how the University handles donations, and […]