Josh Krugman ’14 Speaks at Senior Reception about Need-Blind

On Tuesday, December 3, there was a senior class reception held by SWAG (Seniors of Wesleyan Annual Gift) in Beckham Hall. At the reception, a number of administrators gave speeches about why students should give to Wesleyan. And then, Josh Krugman ’14 got up and gave a speech about need-blind, how the University handles donations, and […]

Need-Blind Wes Is Back

This courtesy of Evan Bieder ’15: After a brief hiatus, Need Blind Wes is back! For those who don’t know, in 2012 Wesleyan terminated its need blind admissions policy. As a result, the socio-economic status of about 10% of applicants for the Class of 2017 played a role in their acceptance/rejection. Last year, many students […]

Whatever Happened to that Need-Blind Thing?

Zach Schonfeld ’13 is bringing it back, baby.  The topic, I mean. Not the actual thing. The topic. Remember way back when the campus was all talking about need-blind and stuff? Man, when was that? Oh oh, only three months ago?! Are you sure? What happened?! Need-blind has been conspicuously absent from campus discussion lately. […]

Complete Video: Faculty Duke It Out Over Need-Blind, Financial Aid

Just call it Skillman v. Glenn and get your popcorn ready. Last Thursday after class, I moseyed over to Shanklin 107 (stirring fond memories of freshman year Biodiversity class) for what I took to be a faculty panel discussion on “Transparency, Admissions Policy, and Financial Aid”—more succinctly, need-blind. When the discussion began, Professors Lim, Rouse, […]

News Coverage Round-Up: Need-Blind

If I have to tell you about what’s going on with need-blind at Wesleyan right now, you seriously don’t spend enough time on this blog (and are definitely not that girl I’ve been hitting on with subtle references to my Wesleying persona). Seriously, guys(/gals/zes), we talk about this all the fucking time (context context context […]

Grinnell Considers Cutting Need-Blind: A Comparison

Grinnell, like Wesleyan, is considering some fierce changes to its financial aid policies. As Kevin Kiley of Inside Higher Ed, the same writer who reported on Wesleyan’s policy change this summer, writes: Grinnell College, which this year reported the fifth-largest endowment of any liberal arts college, announced Thursday that it would spend the next few months engaged […]