Occupy Wall Street?

This one goes out to everyone who saw this and went “BADASS” In case any of you out there still thought that jobs were awarded purely on merit, think again!  Tess Amodeo-Vickery ’07, writing for GOOD (which counts among its associate editors none other than Nona Aronowitz ’06), lays it out for us, stating, “I got my […]

Amanda Palmer ’98 Produces Video for Occupy Wall Street

In between releasing tribute albums to Australia and serenading Eclectic’s living room with vulgar reinterpretations of Rebecca Black, Amanda Palmer ’98 seems to have developed more than an active interest in Occupy Wall Street. The Dresden Dolls’ frontwoman performed a ukelele set for the Liberty Plaza protestors as early as October 12, but now she’s […]

Himanshu Suri tumbls, writes about Occupy Wall Street

Tumbling – all the cool kids are doing it, of course, and so does Das Racist’s Himanshu Suri ’07, over at nehrujackets. Homeboy’s pretty prolific, posting not only about his music and sharing snippets of South Asian culture (reprezent, yeahhhh) but also offering up snarky responses to anonymous askbox questions and occasionally opening up the […]

Conversations on Controversy: Occupy Wall Street

Jealous that you weren’t arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge with like-minded members of the 99%? Are you a fearful member of the 1% hiding out from the impending revolution? Either way The American Studies Majors Committee requests your attendance: Join your fellow students and Wes faculty members as we discuss the implications and ramifications of […]

Occupy Wall Street: More Stuff :DDDDDDD

If you’re one of the many people who’s asked someone in the last week what Occupy Wall Street is all about, or someone in the last 12 hours what the tents on Foss are all about, and not received a satisfactory answer, hopefully this post will help. Below is a piece put together by Daniel […]

Occupying Wall Street After Graduation, Or Not

From occupier to occupied, here’s the mostly undiscussed crew of the Occupy movement (not pictured): the college students more interested in occupying Wall Street after graduation—with a job in finance, that is—and the recruiters who each year seek to woo them. A recent New York Times feature piece casts its gaze on the annual ritual […]

Occupy is Occupying Wesleying. Again.

Occupy Wes: For all the new frosh who wished they could’ve been part of all the radicalfreakinessthatwasOccupy (that is, the 1% of them not already from New York City), now’s the time to get excited. A group of students will be meeting today at 9pm in the University Organizing Center (that’s 190 High, all you […]

Wes Students Return to NYC Streets for May Day

“The boss needs you – you don’t need the boss.” Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at livestream.com Looking for a reason to ditch class? It’s raining – what more do you want? About 20 Wesleyan students (and two Middletown residents) who went up to New York City last night and this morning are living […]

Rothupy Wall Street: Roth on OWS, Education, Equality in Academia

“In big lecture halls, students can’t buy the best seats or arrange for extra help sessions with their parents’ checkbooks.” Above, a group of Occupy Atlanta protesters link arms on Peachtree Street as city police move in to make arrests. Hours earlier, Mayor Kasim Reed revoked an executive order permitting the protesters to remain in […]