BandCampWes: Orkinpod Abandons Argus Comics, Continues Music Career

BJ Lillis ’12 says this is his break-up album. The break-up is between him and Wesleyan. Fans of the Argus’ tragically defunct comics section (guys, remember “Feet People”?) and surreal Brian Wilson-obsessed psych-pop alike should be thrilled to learn that Orkinpods, the formerly anonymous bedroom pop project of comics editor emeritus B. J. Lillis ’12, […]

Orkinpod Drops New Album, Reveals Secret Identity

“You may find me and my guitar in some unexpected places!” About a year ago we posted two anonymously produced Mystery LPs by Wes artists, including a self-titled release by one mysterious Orkinpod, which A-Batte described as “definitely not your everyday Brian Wilson tribute.” As for who exactly is behind Orkinpod’s fractured psychedelic pop: “Nothing […]

WesLPs: Mystery Edition!

In a time long past, before the events started flooding in, I wrote a post featuring Wesleyan artists’ latest music. The world was full of promise in those halcyon days. Now, the first week of classes is almost over, I still haven’t bought any of my textbooks, and two more submissions of recent Wesleyan-linked releases […]