Bennet, Shumlin and Hickenlooper Moving Up in the Political Ranks

Left to right: Michael Bennet ’87, John Hickenlooper ’74, Peter Shumlin ’79 Some Wesleyan alumni are seriously making their ways up in the political ranks, my friends: all three of our school’s top current politicians have been nominated to lead the two official campaign organizations of the Democratic Party. Senator Michael Bennet ’87 will be […]

Shumlin ’79: Protecting Vermont, Repping Wes Since 2011

Nearly a year ago, we reported on an impressive number of Wes alums elected to congressional and gubernatorial office in the midterm elections of 2010. Among the notables was Peter Shumlin ’79, a former Vermont state senator from Putney who attended Wesleyan in the same class year as President Roth and later helped found Vermont’s […]

Saving the Earth at the State & Local Level

From the Allbritton Center: Former Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin will speak on Climate Change and Public Policy: Saving the Earth at the State and Local Level. Peter Shumlin ’79, Governor of Vermont 2011-2017, has been a pioneer in developing state-level policies to combat climate change, including the 2011 Comprehensive Energy Plan with a goal of achieving […]

From the Argives: In 1975, Colin Campbell Successfully Ducked Two Cream Pies

Leafing through the Argus archives earlier this month for information on past WSA presidents, my comrade A-Batte happened upon this bodaciously amusing nugget from a “University Convocation” in the fall of 1975. On Thursday, September 4, President Campbell gave a thirty-seven-minute address, during which he called for a reevaluation of the grading system and noted […]

From The Argives: Student Poet Combines Humor with Profundity

Handler: “I’m aware of the fact that I’m a semi-pretentious liberal arts student. I don’t think anything I feel is terribly important to anybody else.” Continuing our recent slew of notable alumni coverage (never change, Das Racist, Joss Whedon ’87, bear-fighting Vermont governor Peter Shumlin ’79), here’s one I recently stumbled upon in the archives. […]

Roth on Wesleyan: Alumni Elected to Office

President Roth’s blog offers a complete (maybe?) list of Wes alums elected to office in yesterday’s elections, following up our coverage on Senator Bennet (’87) and Governors-Elect Hickenlooper (’74) and Shumlin (’79): John Hickenlooper ’74 — elected Governor of Colorado Michael Bennet ’87 — elected Senator from Colorado Peter Shumlin ’79 — elected Governor of […]

Hickenlooper ’74 Wins CO Gubernatorial Race

Regardless of your political leanings, here’s one result from the day’s midterm elections to be proud of.  Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper ’74, who delivered the Commencement Address last May (photo above), has won the Colorado gubernatorial race, beating out Constitution Party candidate Tom Tancredo and Republican Dan Maes: Hickenlooper, the popular mayor of Denver, was […]