Video: The Bea’les Make WestCo Skybridge a Thing Again

Here’s some shoddy video footage from The Bea’les‘ now annual (and sadly under-advertised) performance yesterday afternoon on the WestCo Skybridge, a venue that could always use more love. That’s John Ryan ’14 screaming the McCartney vocals on “Oh! Darling,” and if you squint pretty hard, you can sort of see Mickey Capper ’13 climbing over […]

The Bea’les on WestCo Skybridge

It’s been a great couple of days in the WestCo courtyard. After an amazingly fun, happy Zonker Harris Day, the Bea’les (Matt Hurwit ’12, Jordan Lewis ’13, John Ryan ’14, Sam Long ’12, Howe Pearson ’12, and Abaye Steinmetz-Silber ’12) played on the WestCo skybridge for an energetic crowd in the courtyard below. They played about an hour long […]

Let It Be: The Bea’les Take WestCo

OH MY GOODNESS!  The Bea’les will be performing Let It Be in its entirety in the Westco Courtyard this Sunday at 2:30 pm. With Matt Hurwit ’12, Jordan Lewis ’13, John Ryan ’14, Sam Long ’12, and Howe Pearson ’12. Featuring Abaye Steinmetz-Silber ’12 as Billy Preston.  Bring your prefrosh, dig for treasure! Date: Sunday, […]

The Bea’les Take Foss Hill

Not quite 100 musicians showed up to play “A Day in the Life” today, but the Bea’les put on a great show regardless. It’s too bad most of them are graduating. We’ll be lucky if a similarly consistent cover band steps up next year – let alone one with a lead singer as passionate and […]

Want to play on Foss Hill with the Bea’les?

Jake Gold ’09 writes in to invite: Anyone of any skill level with any instrument/sound making thing – come!  We’re looking for 100+ people to play on A Day in the Life on Sunday, 4/19 atop Foss.  Epic. Mandatory brief meeting Tuesday, 4/14 @ 10pm in central Usdan. Costumes to be provided. What: Meeting regarding […]

The Mash: A Celebration of Music & Public Life

Forgot to fill out your Teaching freakin’ Evaluations in time for eternal life? Chelsie Green ’14 sends in a much more interesting survey pertaining to a September music happening that will transcend time, space, and all earthly matter: There is a student committee working with the CFA to plan The Mash, a music happening being […]

WesFest 2009 (Minus Z. Harris)

Check out this year’s WesFest calendar: Thursday, April 16th Friday, April 17th Saturday, April 18th Very conspicuously absent on Saturday’s schedule is Zonker Harris, or any kind of WestCo event at all.  But rest assured, the “Ze Who Must Not Be Named” festival is still on. It’s disappointing that the Office of Admissions isn’t letting […]

NWP Benefit Concert on Thursday

The Nagarote-Wesleyan Partnership is throwing a benefit concert at 200 Church tomorrow night: Come support Wesleyan’s own The Stone Helms, The Last Minute, & The Bea’les for a night of great music for a great cause! All donations will benefit the Jeronimo-Lopez Youth Project in Nagarote, Nicaragua. When: Thursday, November 20th @ 9 pmWhere: 200 […]