THESISCRAZY 2019: The Celebration

Champagne bottles POPPED last week and we’ve got the pics!! See them and the impressive video Yuhan Wang ’19 made with her drone below.  Huge shoutout to Rebecca Goldfarb-Terry ’19 and Hugo Kessler ’19 for sending them in! 

THESISCRAZY (part 8): The Final Chapter

TODAY’S THE DAY!! GUYS! It’s been good, it’s been GREAT. With our final installment of THESISCRAZY 2019, we want to give the hugest shoutout to all the seniors–who have been cranking out their theses and who have been supporting their thesis-writing friends throughout this whole year. We can’t want to see all of you on […]


caroline working on her thesis in one of her many carrels Welcome to the 7th installment of thesiscrazy!!!! This post includes interviews with Will Barr ’18, MA ’19, who is doing an MB&B masters thesis, we have Caroline Kravitz ’19, doing a local history thesis, Tomás Rogel ’19, doing a sociology thesis, and Lindsay Zelson ’19, doing a history thesis! […]

THESISCRAZY 2019 (part 4): Residents of 43B Home

an actual photo of the residents of 43b enjoying each other’s company With this 4th installment of THESISCRAZY 2019, we bring you 3 out of the 4 residents of 43B Home (this is kind of a crazy coincidence)! These terrific women have been working hard and playing harder (but not too hard @those floorboards…) and […]

THESISCRAZY 2019 (Part 3): we stan humanities majors

Seniors: this may be how you feel inside right now. If so, do not forget to indulge in self-care!!!! It’s starting to be crunch time!!!! Regardless of how much of your thesis is done, GOOD LUCK!! YOU’VE GOT IT!!!!! Buy yourself some ice cream, take a 10-minute walk, look at the stars, watch an episode […]

THESISCRAZY 2019 (Part 2): Em, Emm & Emma

Things are getting dire in the CSS Lounge: “Send Help” + a very ambitious chapter schedule! Welcome to the second installment of THESISCRAZY 2019! We had some technical difficulties and lost this post when our site went down (always save your work, friends!!!), but we’re back and better than ever now! It’s getting close to the deadline […]

THESISCRAZY 2019 (Part 1): And So It Begins

“I just love to play with the old moldy shit” – Aviv Rau ’19 Welcome to the first post of THESISCRAZY 2019! If you’re interested in being interviewed for a THESISCRAZY interview, please fill out this google form! Whether you’re heavy STEM or the most artsy fartsy out there, let us showcase all the hard work you’ve […]

woop woop THESISCRAZY 2019 here we come!!!

Seniors! CONGRATS to all of you. You’ve spent this year oscillating between the best and the worst times, and it’s coming to a close. For those of y’all writing theses: you are almost down with this year of conceptualizing and writing this long ass paper!! So whether you’re stressing out too much or not stressing out […]