ThesisCrazy Part 6: 261 Pine Street Edition!!

The residents of 261 Pine lookin’ cute After a short hiatus due to being crazy busy, we’re back with the final ThesisCrazy installment, and it’s a special one too!! This article features three of the residents of 261 Pine Street; we have Phie Jacobs ’22 sharing their ~pertinent~ novella on a fictional disease pandemic, Kevin […]

ThesisCrazy 2022 Part 2: Lesbian Communes

Thesis brought to you by Wii music We’re back! Today we have Jules White ’22 talking about why weird novels are weird, Avi Friederich ‘22 reconnecting with his German heritage through the 12th Century Holy Roman Empire, and Maren Beriss ‘22 exploring queer utopias. Go on a journey with them under the cut!! Interviews by zoomy, missweazy, […]

ThesisCrazy 2022 Part 1: Fish Volcanos!??!

Loving the bottle of Listerine in Christina Lu ’22’s carrel And so it begins! Welcome to the first installment of ThesisCrazy 2022! We’ve got a wonderful variety of thesis writers for you today: we have Ben Filio ’22 talking about his work with zebra finches and stretching data to its fullest, Emma Smith ’22 writing about representations of Latin […]

THESISCRAZY 2021 (part 1): We Got an Extension on These

Welcome to the first post of THESISCRAZY 2021! Yes, we know, thesis day has come and gone. But that’s not going to stop us from celebrating three super cool thesis writers: Amy Geiger ’21, David Vizgan ’21, and Sarah Lucente ’21! Read their thoughts on disco, debris disks, and horror movies after the break!  

Oh baby! It’s THESISCRAZY time!!!

Let’s be honest, it’s been a year. And as if you didn’t have it hard enough, you’re also writing a thesis?!? Goodness gracious. We want to talk to you! Tell us about the birth of your beautiful thesis baby, and don’t leave anything out. Tell us about the highs, the lows, and the ~highs. Tell […]