“Wellesleyan” Tops List of Most Expensive Schools

Earlier this week Business Insider published a list of the 20 Most Expensive Colleges in America. Wesleyan made the cut at #5—$56,006 for tuition, fees, room and board in 2011-2012—topped only by Harvey Mudd, Columbia, NYU, and finally Sarah Lawrence, the tiny Yonkers campus whose total fees have been inching steadily closer to $60k. No […]

Barack Obama & Wellesleyan, part II

You may remember some of the confusion by Fox News and possibly by Barack Obama about Wesleyan vs. Wellesley, way back when there was a lot of buzz about Obama’s commencement address here. But it seems that confusion continues. Jared Paul ’11 sends in a hilarious (even if a little saddening) anecdote: An exchange today […]

Wellesleyan: "The Alma Mater of who? Hillary Clinton"

I saw this reported here yesterday, but I figure that the only thing better than re-blogging something is to re-blog it with video evidence. Unfortunately the embeds don’t work, but the videos should be viewable at the links below. The erroneous clip from Fox News yesterday. And the Fox News correction/apology immediately following the next […]


Wesleying just got this amusing e-mail from Kate Heller ’09: My dad told me that he was listening to Fox News on satellite radio, and that they reported that Hillary Clinton should be peeved because Barack Obama is replacing Ted Kennedy to speak at her Alma Matter… Wellesley… Will the world never tell us apart!?!?!

2017: A Very Wesleying Year in Review

“[My New Year’s Resolution is to] try to just calm myself down. It’s like Sid wants to see that side of me. He’s like, ‘You know, I know there’s a side to you and I am going to push every single button until I get it out of you, daddy” ? Jason Biggs This article […]

Notable “Wesleyan” Alumni

This article was a collaboration with smello. According to the university’s website, “Wesleyan graduates are successful in every profession imaginable, including law, science, medicine, business, politics, and the creative arts. They are often leaders and innovators in their fields”. With all the recent focus on Lin-Manuel Miranda, we thought we’d shed some light on the other […]

Forbes Ranks Wes #9 and People Are Flipping Shit

I was enjoying a beautiful summer day, when my phone started BLOWING UP with WesKids talking about college rankings. I was expecting the usual “college rankings are ways of implementing oppressive and othering hierarchies that fuel this neoliberal corporate educational machine-industrial-complex-thing.” But I was wrong.

Business Insider Ranks Wesleyan #40, Says We’re Really Smart and Shit

Yo, Wesleying’s Senior College Ranking Fuckery Correspondent is here and reporting for duty. Last week The Economist told us we’re #623, and now Business Insider is proclaiming that Wesleyan is #40 on their list of top 50 smartest colleges. What absurd criteria did BI use for calculating their rankings? They went with a very fun and very biased, classist, racist, […]

Soft Leaves of Pamplemousse: A Winter Concert Preview

Two of these shows are happening tonight, so hurry up and run to both at the same time. The first few days of the semester have already paid witness to one of the most notable musical double headers in recent institutional memory, and tonight showcases another: Brooklyn’s Widowspeak takes Eclectic while rap legends Dead Prez […]