wescam is live! also submit to our write-in!

wesleyanscam.com Sorry to tease with our last post, but now that wescam is actually live, it’s time to procrastinate on our homework and be distracted forever! The time between now and the end of senior week is a marathon, so some quick pieces of advice: pace yourself respect the space of others love yourself take chances wescam […]

wescam is baaack (almost)!

“Yes, I will kiss the girl from Venus for science” **update as of 3:52pm today, wescam is LIVE! wesleyanscam.com** It is now officially April 8th here on the east coast, which means (spoiler alert) the wescam website will be live literally any second. (Also it’s this year’s organizer/lead coding queen Emma Freeman ’19‘s birthday!) It’s going […]

WesCam is Up Tomorrow, and There Might Be a New Feature

Theses were handed in at 4PM today and we’re all showing a little more skin than we were a month ago, which is a good thing, probably. Spring has sprung and Wescam is going live tomorrow, 4/20 at 4:20PM! Wow, I can’t believe it! The year is almost over and that means seniors only have several weeks […]

Wescam Write-In

Now that theses are over and spring has sprung, some students are beginning to think about the hallmarks of the end of the semester: final work for classes, trips to Miller’s pond, running out of points, spending time on Foss, spending time in the library, and—perhaps most importantly—Wescam. I am tired of explaining Wescam to […]


It has come prematurely, folks. A wild Wescam has been spotted: a glorious Wesculture behemoth [or should we say Tentacruel? And on that note, who are you “Tentacruel 2014, female?!] feeding on crushes and shitting out awkwardness and the occasional night of sweaty nonsense. At the time of this post, 2237 students are registered [that […]

An Open Call for Wescam Messages

Spending your finals prep Wescamming up a storm? Got enough Wescams to hire an assistant to manage them all? Good. We want your help. We’re putting out an open call for Wescam messages. We know you’ve been getting them (and sending them yourself), because you’ve been tweeting about it nonstop. Please send us the funniest […]

The Top Ten Tweets About Wescam

Oh God this post is so Buzzfeedy and gross, I promise we won’t make a habit out of this, but whatever—it’s springtime, love is in the air, and the Internet is all atwitter about a crazy little thing called love Wescam: Did everyone else but me know wescam wasn’t for making new friends???? @wesleying I […]

It’s That Time of Year: Wescam’s Back

It’s that time of year again. Blossoms are blooming, pollen fills the air, and everyone’s a hot mess. You know what that means: Wescam is here. It’s the end of the year and for just a little while, the power of the Internet is here to help you connect with those beautiful seniors who are leaving […]

WeScam: Back in Action

No Regrets, Since 2008. Not sure how the Comp Sci department can help you get laid during Senior Week? WeScam, everyone’s favorite website for “meeting other students over senior week,” is back in action. The coding and general rules are the same as last year—in short, underclassmen can only add seniors, seniors can add anyone. […]